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Three new recipes

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This is a nice flavored cotton candy: 

2 mils Circus cotton candy (TFA)

3 mils Vanilla bean ice cream (TFA)

7% raspberry (Loranne)

7% blueberry (Loranne)

5% dragonfruit (TFA)

2 mils sweetener 

For give me for switching between mils and percentages, It's in a 60 mil I mixed it 70/30.

Cranberry Lemonade ( my current favorite) it is very tart and is good if you have vape tongue

3 mils Lemonade ( flavor west)

2.5 mils cranberry (TFA )

2 mils sweetener


Apple lemonade: 

3 mils lemonade Flavor west

4 mils pink lemonade( TFA)

1.5 Apple candy (TFA)

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38 minutes ago, Foofightervapegirl1 said:

I really liked it! I need to mix more. I just go in the flavor drawer in our kitchen and throw stuff that sounds good together. Next up is a skittles ice cream .....when I get time!

Mixing on the fly I like it

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I spent morning and evening mixing...I will post them here soon! I think I came up with around six new recipes. Hubby is a picky vaper, and I'm almost a kin to what works for him now. I'm working on A chocolate covered cherry. I've got the bulk of it right but need to add the chocolate part.

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