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Do I need to add nic right away?


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I want to make a batch of ejuice this week and let it steep. Once my supplies arrive. Since it will vary later in nic strengths do I need to add nic right away for steeping, and make several batches at different strengths, or add nic, after steeping and ready for use?

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I've read where some folks like mixing their nicotine after mixing everything else.  Something about how everything changes chemically.  These folks approach it more like world class chefs.  I'm more of a fast food burger flipper. 

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6 minutes ago, cany said:

I have a chit load of of premade juice with no NIC when I feel the need I add the NIC too it

Sounds like a good way to go.  I just make either 60 or 120 ml batches.  Don't have any bulk around.  I'm always changing things up.  Wonder if?.......

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8 hours ago, cany said:

My favs I make 480 ML at a time


The smallest batch I make for personal use (my favorites) is 300ml, and the usual is 600ml up to a full liter at a time.  When I mix... I MIX :) 

I don't like having to get all my supplies and glassware out (and have to clean everything) more often than necessary, so I usually mix several flavors at the same time, in large batches.  I have two magnetic stirrers and plenty of glassware (beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders) for measuring and mixing, so mixing many flavors at once is an afternoon/evening of fun.

I will needle-mix in a small bottle if I'm making a specialty flavor or trying a new recipe, but if it turns out something I really like, the next batch will be a big one, lol...

Also, for needle mixing specialty flavors or things I vape on rare-occasion (like Chocolate-Mint or Peanut-Butter-Fudge-Brownie)... I keep a few 60ml bottles with 30ml or 36ml of VG and Nicotine pre-mixed (1.8ml 100mg VG based Nicotine and the balance pure VG) ... so all I have to do is add in flavoring and PG to reach 60ml, and I get a 3mg, 50-50 or 40-60 mix... with far less mess, because I only needed one needle to extract the flavors and PG :) 

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