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Wire twisting tool


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I recently purchased some SS 420 wire so I could build some TC coils.
Being new to this I had no idea what I was buying, all I have bought before was fused Clapton wire.
To the internet I went!
I tried using a drill to twist some wire, total disaster! I'm sure if I tried again I could do it but it got me thinking.
Back in the day when I was racing Motorcycles (Desert) I used to safety were my spokes and had a really cool set of wire twisting plyers...
I went to my tool box and there they were!
The coil pictured is 3 strands of wire twisted and wrapped 8/7 at 3.5 ID dual coils at 1.7 OHM.5f1801a29ee58303e7b113dcd2103cf6.jpg&key=aeb498b9c29b09ff4a8b8f4edb358deb8d1c4d9b441bdcf50b09c630697f2755eef4333d7bb6eba9b67c78ef4f142a93.jpg&key=69fbd5d19972e4d4dc5cef2e281ea79da7cad93827c340e963eeec60295cf9b5

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