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My First Homemade Clapton


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24SS wrapped in 32SS  Used the Avid Artisan winding tool.  As you can see it had a blip.  The rest looks pretty good as far as I can tell. 

Homemade Clapton.jpg

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Ok, well, it looks pretty.  but....  I went to wind it on a post and it is loose.  Real loose. 

So, I did a second one.  Better...  Still ended up with a few mm of loose coil a the end after winding. 

Up side, I put a build in a Goon @ 0.17Ω and @ 110 Watts it is producing well.

Improvements can be made with this process.  I will try again later. 

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Just did a fused 2x26 with 32 wrap in SS.  This time I tightened down the tensioning nut to the point that I feared for the 32.  Really nice Clapton!  Outer layer did not slip one bit even when I used a pliers to help tighten the coil on the rod.  Put it in the Goon and it is doing it's job well.  I love the life of a Mad Scientist. 

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