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Vape problems maybe

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Occasional spitback of un-vaporized e-liquid in any tank isn't uncommon.  It isn't something that is unique to kanger products.  Several things could be contributing to it, though.

It could be due to improper wicking of your coil; improper filling of the tank; running a coil that is rated for higher wattage than what you are using (this is a prime suspect where un-vaporized e-liquid is concerned).  There are many things that could be causing this.

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  • With any tank, overfilling will cause spit-back, leaking, or flooding...
  • a leaking coil (improper wicking) will cause juice to build up in the tube and/or run out the air-holes...  
  • A poorly sealing tank (chipped glass, bad o-ring) will cause the tank to lose negative pressure (vacuum seal), which will allow juice to leak into the center tube or air-holes... 
  • A coil not fully seated properly into the base or attached to the center tube will work the same to lose negative pressure, or create an all-out leak...
  • Using too low of a Wattage/Voltage for your coil will cause juice to not fully vaporize, resulting in spit-back, popping, or liquid remaining in the tube...

This last one is the usual suspect :)

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