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American-made Sub-Ω Tanks?


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Can anyone recommend a good sub-Ω tank that's made here in the U.S.? I've run across some pretty nice homegrown mods (with some foreign components), but I can't seem to find any American sub-Ω tanks.

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I thought that EHPRO was with their Billow V3 but I believe they teamed up with a Chinese company to manufacture it.  I know I've seen some RDA's but I'm not sure about tanks that were solely made in the USA.

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The reason tanks aren't made in US is because of cost. The average wage for a CNC operator in US is about $20 per hour, don't know what the cost is in China, but I'm guessing about $2 per hour is probably top wage there. As far as price goes US made products can't compete with Chinese made stuff.

I have the machinery to produce a limited production sub ohm tank, but not the massive amount of coils that would be needed. Another reason I don't want to attempt to produce a tank is because of the FDA regs, and other problems with the regs from other government agencies.

A lot of people don't know what a employee actually costs, if someone gets $20 per hour, it costs the company $30 - $40 per hour, depending on the benefits, and state where located.

Bottom line is US manufacturers can't make a tank that competes with the Chinese without loosing money.

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