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Aspire Natulius problem


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just received a natulius and think its great except for one problem. every time i unscrew the bottom to fill it the coil stays in the chimney, center tube.  i have to unscrew it and then screw it into the bottom. ive tried tightening it as much as possible in hopes that it would stay there when i unscrew it to fill but not going to happen. suggestions ?

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There are a couple other possibilities:

As far as I can tell the chimney s pressed into the top cap, maybe yours isn't pressed in all the way. I currently have mine disassembled for cleaning. I have never been able to get the chimney out of the top cap, which is why I assume it's pressed. I haven't tried pliers as I am afraid of mangling the chimney, the walls aren't that thick.

The threads in the chimney may be damaged or not complete, making the coil lock to it when you tighten it.

Mine is currently apart for cleaning, I'll snap a couple pics before I put it back together.

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Mine does this constantly, and I've attributed it to the coils.  Some coils are a fraction taller than others, or the upper threading is a little "tight", causing the coil to remain attached to the chimney and not the base (where the threading is looser and an o-ring is helping to keep it from sticking, causing "spring-pressure").

I've made notes of which coils "hang", and when I rebuild them and re-use them... they still hang in the chimney.  Those that didn't out-of-the-box, don't hang after rebuilding, so the only reason I can assume is the upper threading on the coil body is causing this problem.

It's not a huge issue, really, but can be frustrating, I know.  Think of it this way... now you have an opportunity to clean-out the base of any drips (using a q-tip or tissue) every time you fill-up :)  I try to do that anyway, even if the coil remains in the base when I open the tank.  Preventative maintenance to remove any drips from the base will save you from leakage which will damage your battery!!  Or, just keep the juice off your hands/clothes/desk as it drips out of the air-holes (once enough accumulates).

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