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Kayfun Wick Suggestions.. Please?!?


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Alright so I have my Kayfun up and running how it should, but for some reason, the cotton I used doesn't want to wick enough juice... it's not like a dry hit... I just feel like it should taste better and like I should be producing more vapor... what do those of you that have kayfuns use as wicking?

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Glad you solved the issue! I use rayon. The uniform strands seem to make it wick better, and they appear to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Just an idea if you get bored one day haha, I am still putting this stuff to the test, so far so good.

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I still want to get a SS mesh wick to work properly without shorting out...

I had one working for about a day and then it shorted the coil and took the coil out.

doesn't seem to matter how much I torch the crap, it eventually shorts out. Wonder if pre-oxodized mesh will work any better.

The flavor was amazing when it was working, but the problem is that it doesn't last more than a day before it decides to short out my coils.

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One thing I found helps wicking with any rba/rda and cotton is to cut it out in parallel strands.

Find the way the cotton is stranded and snip a section. Pull it away with the strands parallel. Then cut out what you want.

Wick as normal from here. With dual coils to keep consistent wicking cut wicks from the same length of cotton. This keeps it the same.

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I use peaches and cream cotton yarn from walmart

3 strands in a coil wrapped on 1/16 in drill bit with 7 wraps of 32ga gives me 2.1 on a V5 Vamo

Lay it on the ledge then asemble dont block the chanels

The wick I have in now is 5 days old and flavor still great

Ive been running this experiment to see how long the wick lasts before the flavor goes bad

so far so good

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Wick longevity really depends on the juice all else equal. Sugary will destroy coils and wicks quick. We'll burn off the coil and rewick. But u know what I mean. I could not stand sugary juice in kayfun.

True type of juice can make a big difference

I can do chocolate or cinamin roll but not many really sweet juices seem right

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I use Japanese cotton. It comes in 2x2 sheets. I cut a strip (with the grain), put it in the coil then cut it to length. The Kayfun (I have the EHPro version) is a bit temperamental when it comes to wicking. A little too much and it floods. Not quite enough and it burns. There have been a couple times when I've had to rewick right away.

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I have a new technique for my kayfun. It was pretty much dead to me for a while.

I ended up making a macro coil at .92ohms. It wicks the very thickest juice. Mother milk and similar now seem THIN.

I wick it up so the cotton will spin inside the coil just between snug and loose. Then I cut them to fall BEFORE TOUCHING the lower deck. The combination of MUCH more cotton to hold the juice and cutting before the deck makes this a wicking KING. The flavor is now OFF THE CHARTS!!!

One downside, you MUST remove the airflow screw AND have a slot for it to draw air. My buddy tried this on his identical Kayfun and it was awful due to his top cap blocking the additional flow. Also, you need a STRONG/CLEAN mech to fire this coil up well on the Kayfun. My buddies was firing real slow...

Side by side this will wick better than micro builds and will Dominate in flavor.

It will also put out dense warm vapor.

Somehow this is not easy to do though??? My buddy tried with my 24 gauge and he failed over and over. He said I must have done something right...???



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