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  1. Sparc. By the time I make it home I've gone through 3 vtc-5 18650's. This my hate for 18350. :-p
  2. Ask them for their MAX vg blends. Cream flavors are good. Anything max vg is usually for a dripper. Although I had some that were vg only but very thin still. Ask them for cerial killa by 9 south vapes. Try some 4mg and 3mg max vg juices. Don't worry if you found your rig in a dumpster or if the coils are shorty. But if they give you coil, wicking and airflow tips take them into account. I found with mine the slightest changes made huge differences. Coils higher or lower and closer out to air holes. Wicks never under the coils. Same length on each coil exactly if dual coil. Tight build compressed but fire red hot after compressing and before rewickinf to let them even out. Things like this. Air flow below your coil vs centered or above. Play around once you find a good flavor and make it even better. That's the beauty.
  3. Basically it sounds like all you need is a pack of unpunched cartos
  4. You can fill any of the cartos. Try ones not pre punched. The blue batteries fit most cartos. Or you can just refill the Blu cartos. Pull our the seal and fill it. Put seal back in. Presto!!!
  5. I feel like juice made for droppers has different flavor. Tailored for the full on strength and flavor an rda produces. I found with my new kayfun build I am getting an overwhelmingly balanced flavor. I'm now a dedicated flavor chaser.
  6. Chritov11. That's how I quit. Patriot RDA. .38 ohm so warm like an analog and vapor you can feel in your lungs like an analog. Instead of vaping constant with a tank I did one fill and a break outside. Treat it like a smoke break. Plus I realized I like smoking to be outside. Once I treated it like a smoke break I stopped constantly thinking about it. Now I'm backing to a tank and kept it warm and dense like an analog. I plan to stop all together. Though. I never thought I would even get a clearomizer. Don't even talk to me about cloud chasing. But inch by inch I got into RDA. MY OWN. not a buddies to try. You have to build your own.
  7. On the b&m comment. I actually hated this vapor crap from my first two shops. I found a couple good ones though. Doesn't matter if you want the smallest carto or biggest cloud chasing monster. All normal welcoming people. Keep looking! I'm glad I didn't give up.
  8. Yeah one place I go is about the endless clearos. The really homey shops let you do it all though. Including comfortable enough to rewick. . Hope you find a good shop'
  9. Places I go you can drop as many and as much as u want. They let u try them out of kayfuns on Hana 30's too if you don't have a dripper. You should really try the flavor out of your setup.
  10. I'm a kayfun man now that I got it hitting more like my rda. Still the rda gives milkier Wtf type vapor.
  11. Thanks bud! Good luck to you too!
  12. Oh gotcha!! Well I did blu's for almost a year to back down on analogs. Then I got the clearomizers and got down to a few analogs a day for a few months. Then I got the Kayfun and it was about the same. It was not until I got the RDA that I was able to kick the analogs. On my RDA I went 18, 12, 6, and 4. Then its been a week of 6 in the kayfun, this is almost like NOTHING compared to the RDA, but I held it out. Then I stepped to 4 in the kayfun, then 3 this weekend. 3 has been a challenge, 0 was empowering until I SNAPPED!!! Just a few clouds out of my RDA and my head went clear and I actually had a smile. Thanks!
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