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Fixing The Dreaded Battery That Won’T Charge

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It’s happened to all of us at some point. You pull the dead battery out of your favorite mod, you place it into your charger and the light turns green. Wait, green light? WTH it’s dead! Why is the green light on? Stupid Chinese crap charger, right? No, it’s probably not the charger. It’s the protection circuit in the battery. Some of these batteries are pricey and replacing them can take a toll on your wallet.

Here’s what probably happened…

Most good batteries come with built in protection. When the battery is drained too low the safety circuit kicks in to protect the battery and more so you, from any damage. Is there a way to fix the battery? Yes, sometimes. The the following trick doesn’t always work but has saved me countless headaches.

  • 1. Grab another battery of equal size and voltage (if you don’t have another, grab a 9 volt battery)
  • 2. Connect the positive and negative ends of both batteries (The second battery must be fully charged in order to repair the defective battery)
  • 3. Hold for about 3-4 seconds.
  • NOTE: Positive to Positive, Negative to Negative!

Essentially you’re “jumping” the battery. It should cause the protection circuit to “reset”. Place your defective battery back on the charger and wallah, red light icon_smile.gif

I hope this helps some of you save a couple bucks and drive a little extra life out of those mod batteries.



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I'm on vacation with no easy access to other batteries but the ones in my mod. This worked and was the first link I clicked on, a post from 5 years ago so I created an account to say thanks!!

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