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  1. The diameter of your coils will affect your ohm readings. The smaller the coil the more wraps you need to make. Get an Ohm meter for sure.
  2. Holy Molly there that coil went from one side to the other!!!! How did you keep from shorting it?
  3. I have an OLD Kanger that is for an eGo head. The silicon insulator is a PITB to put back in. LOL Just made a new coil for mine using 32 gauge and single 3.5mm silica wick I used a small flavor wick of cotton yarn. Only I used the Mid sized cheap eyeglass Phillips head screwdriver (the ones with the silver handles and 8 to the set)to form a 5 - 4 wrap coil. I used to use the 4-40 screw 4 - 3 wrap with 2 threads of 3 mm silica. The next one may be a wrap like yours only with 6-5 just for experimenting. The resistance went from 2.+ ohm down to 1.8 the flavor and mouth hit went way up. The cloud
  4. Yep, it is not all that unusual in some set ups. Mine usually do this around 1/3 left. I just top it off again. I used to curse and grab a fresh charged battery. LOL But I started building mods with 18650 batteries and they out last one tank.
  5. OK WHAT keeps the E-juice from flowing out the fill hole on the top when you tilt it to vape like that???
  6. I usually do not buy Nicotine in that large of bottles as I am afraid it might go bad before I use it all up. VG I get at the local Walmart store fairly cheaply. BUT I will check on the internet before buying next time. I wish there was a local Farm store close by to check on their PG.
  7. The cheapest place I found it lately is My Freedom Smokes. BUT check on the internet as prices change monthly.
  8. I tried their coffee extract flavor and really liked it, but my coil only lasted 2 days. It was COVERED with black crust that was hard as a brick. I should have known better LOL.
  9. I decided to go cheap here lately so I went to Walmart and picked up some Watkins food flavor. Got some VG there fairly cheap. The flavors are Pure Mint and some Imitation Cherry Extract. Good name and flavors. Sent of to another DIY store in the web and got some PG. Then sent off for some 100mg Nic. So I sat down and decided to play around with the flavors without adding the Nic first knowing I could always make some cupcakes if all else failed. I ended up with a 50/50 mix of flavors to 50/50 PG/VG mix at 20 % strength. That ended up being 6 mls of the flavors to 24 mls of PG
  10. When I started Vaping it was to get away from smoking cigarettes. I am a heavy vaper, of that there is no doubt, in fact too heavy. BUT it is more of a habit I think then need for nicotine. My E-Juice has very little Nicotine in it. I will have a toot before going into the bedroom, but the Mod stays in the living room at night. My first toot is when drinking my first cup of coffee, not during the night.
  11. I tell you, I have tried a lot of different flavors of E-Juice, but have yet to find one that really tastes like a good analog cigarette. I smoked Salem for years and switched to Generic Menthol when they got too expensive. Then started to roll my own. But that is in the past. Everyone's taste is different, what I like you may not, and what you like I may not. SO---- what I did was to buy a analog flavor and mixed in a straight menthol flavor 50-50. I can live with it. I have been vaping for about a year now and think it is about time to get away from tobacco flavor. SO it is time
  12. OK Then. They are still in business. I can not get them with the Windows Explorer but can get them with Google Express. I hate Windows and Microsoft. I just got a notification from them that they are sending me a new battery and did not have to send the defective one back to them. They just asked that I dispose of it or re-cycle it. It is good to hear they are up and still running. They have good products if you like eGo things instead of the 510 connections.
  13. I just tried them through Windows Explorer and got the same message, and I restarted the computer! BUT I got to them through Google Chrome ! ? ! ? Anyway I sent them a message that my New, Volt Twist died. We will see what happens.
  14. Well durn it any way! I went to the Smokeless Image Web Site because my NEW Volt Twist Battery was acting up and last night evidently shorted out in the control board. I got the following screen: This Site Has Been Disabled Contact your service provider for more information. Has anybody heard anything???
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