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  1. DNA chip you should choise lost vape.
  2. so the vapers vaped and brought a super saiyan vaper. then one of the casual vapers tried to hit super saiyan vape but couldn't handle it and vaped out of existence. so the super saiyan vaper had to summon the one true vape god, who gave the the god vape to bring back the casual vaper. goddamn.
  3. Sigelei 150tc is cool vape mod
  4. I'm going to buy one just to tell people I have a Tesla 3...then they'll see my acura and I'll be like, I was taking about my mod dude...duh lol.
  5. Looking forward to seeing your review
  6. I suggest you Lost Vape Therion DNA133 Vape Box Mod, Hcigar VT75 Nano Vape Box Mod,Think Vape FINDER 133 Vape Box Mod,Think Vape FINDER 75 Vape Box Mod with DNA chip,it will Be good choise.
  7. Misty2016


    GeekVape Griffin RTA Top Airflow Set are awesome RTA
  8. Misty2016

    New Rda

    I have Tsunami 24 RDA,i like it,it's my best choise
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