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  1. Right now my every day vape equip includes my mvp 2.0 with a kanger pro tank 2 and a kanger evod 650mah ego with t3s tank and a couple spare t3s. I want to upgrade my mvp. Which box mods do you have and what are your experiences with them? Ive been looking at a hana clone but am not sold just yet. Any suggestions?
  2. Here's an update. Drilled my igo-w 5/64" put 6mg nic 50/50 juice hits like a champ. Still a strong throat hit but ill get used to it. The flavor is amazing compared to anything I've put it in. Thank you guys so much for the tips!!!
  3. I guess you are right. Of all the damn vids I've watched no one has ever mentioned that. Ill try it out and see what happens. I appreciate the info.
  4. Its a single air hole and its pretty tiny. The coils a positioned in front of the posts about an 1/8 inch above the deck. Ill drill out the hole as soon as I get home though
  5. Hello everyone. New to the forum and have been vaping since Dec. Just got my first mech mod chi you clone and an igo-w rda. I built a dual coil Kanthal 28g with organic cotton at .62 ohms. Using 0 mg 50/50 juice I can barely inhale without coughing up a lung. I usually vape 12mg nicotine with my mvp or ego. Am I doing something wrong? Should I use a different vg/pg mix? Should I use another type of wick? I know most people use a lower nic with mech mods but 0mg is still too much! And help is appreciated
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