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  1. Now it wont even power on, this sucks. Worst night ever and I can't even vape good now. So frustrated
  2. Trying to do a build on a RDA and think I fried my heatvape 36W Defender. Still powers on, reading all my tank coils wrong and the voltage seems messed up. Is this fried or do I have a shot at correcting the problem. Lesson learned, now I just want my mod to work again
  3. That will be a lot better of a price then I originally thought they would go for.
  4. Talk it out, whats everyone think? These mod box battery's, temp control, new coils, lower sub ohm capability. Are the RBA/RDA going to be a thing of the past? Thing's are coming out to fast. These company's are after every extra penny we got this year lol Whats everyone's thoughts?
  5. For my second mod I was gonna jump on the heatvape with temp control, but after hearing about the firmware issues with the strange shut offs I passed figured I would wait until heatvape re did the model. Then I was gonna pull the trigger on a new MVP3PRO cant go wrong there, but now joytech has to come out with this. Soon everything is gonna be temp control and these new coils for it lol. Man The vaping industry is moving faster then the computer industry We are getting new greater & supposed better every few weeks lol
  6. I wonder how much these will sell for, think they will hit a $199.00 Retail on it? They were selling that 30W evic for a expensive price, Those new coils will probably be high cost to.
  7. Really dig the design of this, but the 2000 mah battery is kinda a turn off.
  8. Vapor Guy


    Halo ones are pretty good, I Have some bottles I am going to get rid of, they are new but I may have to setup to be a supplier and post in that classified section
  9. What I am hearing is by the end of this month to early June I will get a more definite date and keep everyone updated, also at the same time we will see the Isub G tank, Same tank as the Isub, the only difference is the G will be Pyrex Glass. Same coil system and 4.5ml Tank. I love the I sub, every part could be cleaned good also the capacity and the coil system makes it all the more better. Innokin is hitting the market hard this year. Starting to become very impressed with the new products
  10. No wonder why the MVP 3.0 has been on sale lately, I could feel that a new Innokin product had to be launching Probably something to keep up with the eleaf 50W. I am digging this. 60W and a new 4500 mah battery. This may just be the best mod to have. I can not see needing anymore power ever. and made with innokin quality The gold color I think is gonna be a limited run. Here is the announcement and all the specs Direct from Innokin: The iTaste MVP3PRO is the newest premium high powered vaporizer, available today from Innokin Technology. Our teams of expert engineers and designers have packed the MVP3PRO with the most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create the perfect full size, high power vaporizer. With an awesome maximum range of 60W of vaping power, the MVP3PRO fires a full range of tank resistances, has extremely durable standard tank threading and a legendary capacity for resilience. The large bright OLED screen clearly displays all important information and the menu is quicker and easily accessed with three sturdy buttons. With 4500mah of battery capacity you will be vaping for days between recharging and the MVP3PRO continues to function as a portable mobile and electronics charger with an integrated Micro USB cable! When you need real power your MVP3PRO will be there for you. The MVP3PRO Vapes Perfectly with the iSub to give you precise control for perfect flavors and unbelievably huge clouds. The MVP3PRO is available in Silver, Black, Pink, Blue and as well as an exclusive new MVP3PRO Premium Gold Edition. The Innokin iTaste MVP3PRO is your #1 choice in a full size high powered vaporizer. Why? The Innokin iTaste MVP3PRO is: Ultra-Powerful! Fires 6-60W! / 3-9V with a Maximum Output of over 17.5Amp! The Longest Lasting: 4500mAh hour battery!!! Sleek Finish: Initially available in the Silver, Black, Pink, Blue and a Premium Gold Edition. Intelligent: Vape Timer, Puff Counter, Integrated Short Circuit protection, Left/Right Screen Orientation, 15 Second cutoff & more. Precise: RMS DC current accurate to a power deviation of 0.5W and fires from 0.2 - 3.1Ohm. Easy to use: 3 Buttons for Total, Precise, and Comfortable Control. Always Ready: Charge the MVP3PRO with a standard micro usb cable and vape at the same time with Innokin’s ‘Vape while charging’ technology. Trusted and Powerful: If you need to vape or need more time on your phone - always have power with the Innokin iTaste MVP3PRO. Unique: Every iTaste MVP3PRO has an easily accessible unique ID on the board for easy product authentication . Maximum connectivity is made possible with the High Quality Flush 510 Stainless Steel Threading & Spring Loaded Gold Plated Positive Connector Pin. A top quality Ego adapter is also included. The Innokin MVP3PRO has Total Tank Compatibility and vapes well with all major, standard 510/Ego ecig/vaporizer tank systems. Technical Specifications: Operating Voltage: 3.0V-9V Operating Wattage: 6.0W-60W Battery : 3.7V 4500mAH (16.65WH) Standby current: 200uA max Maximum output Wattage: 60W Maximum output Current: 17.5A Maximum output Voltage: 9V Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2 Ohm (minimum) Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A OUTPUT Port : DC5V/1A
  11. Hazelnut sounds like it would mix well
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'm going to take the plung with a online web store. And try to build that up. Starting online offers less risk, you still have to buy and stock products. The big challenge would be trying to cater to the two different types of vape clients. The ones that are just trying to quit smoking and the sub ohm clients. I have ran online businesses before that have been semi successful, this will be the first one that I would have to actually stock products. It will not be easy and to advertise will be very difficult, since most advertising is associating the vape industry with alcohol and tobacco. It will be challenging. This will not be easy but I will give it go. The insurance or a strong legal disclaimer will for sure be looked into Tam. Thank you for the advice.
  13. I don't care if a store is making profit, I get how the world works, but when I have B&M ordering a fake ego for $7.00 and charging $59.00 around here, then selling that China juice in a green box with a flower on it for 20.00 there is a issue. That **** leaks and the juice is bad.
  14. Any thoughts on this? Or has anyone tried? Been talking with Joytech and kanger tech, with there crazy *** minimums, I want to sell quality. And I know my pricing would be a bit higher then some competitors I won't be ordering near the volume of the big dogs, and I probably will go with pre made e juice. Just kinda sick of seeing the brick and mortar sell cheap junk for super high markups. I figure offer quality. It will be hard, and I know the industry has become super competitive. Any thoughts guys?? I figured vaping saved my life, I feel if I can give that to someone else that's amazing
  15. Got a grape that next batch I may try some lemon to see, also have a watermelon/candy Mellon thinking maybe hitting with some green Apple and maybe a very small present of Carmel maybe. Gonna call it Wapple if it mixes well lol. Just having fun with DIY. What batches have you guys been proud of doing?
  16. Got a nice caramel but it feels like it could use something if you know what I mean. I was thinking next back maybe adding like a butter toffe or something, what's everyone's thoughts. What would you like with Caramel? Trying to keep it desert style not fruity.
  17. you will love it for the price you can't go wrong. Kinda reminds me of a older tank, but all new school with air flow, pimp coils and you can fill it to the brim. Just amazing. If I had to call the good pre made coils for 2015 the ego one coils, and the innokin coils for the I sub. Will hit a dry hit on my kanger V2 + right now. Innokin owns it for the price. Hands down winner for value and quality.
  18. I personally have been digging the Innokin iSub it's a great tank for the price
  19. Sorry about the loss of your Dad. May he Rest in piece.
  20. The Test I took a fasting sugar of 131 I then decided to vape 70VG 30 PG Super Sweet Caramel Vape for a hour Straight, The only thing I allowed myself to do was drink a little water and coke zero in this time, no food or anything that would raise my sugar. So I ripped clouds, held some vape in, swallowed some vape, and kept ripping clouds for a hour straight. This was not a normal session, this was me trying to over do it and fit in as much vape as I could. After Vape Sugar 136 So a 5 point difference, but here is where it gets strange. Myself as a diabetic if I wake up and do not eat for a hour my sugar would go up a little. If I didnt eat for two hours a 12 point raise in sugar without vaping is very normal. So is the 5 point jump me just needing food and needing to get moving around, or was it because I vaped? In Conclusion I believe that vaping high VG has very little or no effect on people who vape with diabetes. You may draw your own conclusions, I am not a scientist or a doctor, my body may and probably does operate different then others. High VG and super sweet vape does not make that much of a difference in my sugar levels to do any damage. So if your sugar is high after you vape like 20-40 points or more ask yourself what did you eat a hour or a few hours ago for that high blood sugar raise. Hope this helps, starving now I need to go eat some food lol.
  21. Hard to control with just Diet, Exercise is key. If I eat carbs it shots my sugar high. If I eat carbs and go rip it up at the gym, my sugar is amazing, almost low lol
  22. These are very nice and well made. I am vaping on one right now, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite tanks over night. Coils are well made, not experiencing any dry hits. The Tank has not seemed to get hot like the Kanger sub or the ego one would after hard vaping. You can really fill this tank up to the brim. More vaping production before you have to re load. Great air production, nice sized mouth piece. This tank can just rip clouds with little effort. loving it at 30W right now. The way you swap coils is really nice on this. Personally INNOKIN hit a home run with this. The best part is the price, you get some real nice quality for under $20.00! Everything has been done right on this tank. Really digging it. Kinda liking it better then the Subtank V2
  23. Type 2 Diabetic for 4-5 years I check my sugar 4 times daily sometimes more, been using higher VG liquids and I can say that I have not noticed any sugar jumps. The thing is this if you vape after you eat then check your sugar a hour later your sugar level will be high no matter what. I did hear this before and I have heard it torn up in other forums. Everyone's body is different though and this is one messed up disease to have, I hate it. That being said, I recently stopped my meds (few weeks ago) that I was having terrible reactions to and decided to see what I can do on my own to control my own sugar. For real if I have the smallest amount of carbs and I do not work it off my sugar shoots high. 9-14 grams of carbs can do it. I think since my sugar can bounce with anything now I would be a good Test subject for this, I will do it fasting in the morning or 3 hours after my last meal of the day. I will do a pre vape sugar and then after vape, 20min after vape, 40 min after vape and I will post the results in this thread it will be a good experiment.
  24. I am in Caramel Heaven Right now because of your advice and I am loving it. The best part is I used only 3mg of Nic in this batch. Vaping at 23 watts on my mod, and I am gonna keep vaping it all night lol Thank you so much
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