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  1. It gets real bad, since mostly all these products are made in China what you will get is average clones, higher end clones, then cheap clones. Then you will get multiple clones variations from the above clones, then it makes it hard to spot the good from the bad clones. Many vape shops have the originals but also have the higher end clones, same with online. Many also buy the cheap ones but stock the real coils. To much cash to be made for a lot of these retail company's to play it straight. And the ones that do play it straight can't compete with the ones using higher end clones. Think about it you see a IPV 4 mod for 68.99 online and one for 100.00 which one are you going to buy? The real ones read pre made coils spot on, the fakes don't, but it's not a huge difference that people would notice. I've seen good top notch company's sell clones as the real deal. Some are very hard to spot the difference, some are impossible to spot the difference in short term use.
  2. It could be I've been using to many watts, I was at 30 watts my juice seems Better at 22 watts, the 3 mg anyway. Idk I have to play with these mods to get the right setting for everything
  3. Innokin G sub Tank 0.5 ohm innokin coil Ok with 3mg 70Vg 30Pg pre made juice I am happy with, I am producing the kind of hit I want and I kinda like I am not getting a huge throat hit, I am not satisfied Nicotine wise with this. I also can dust through a large tank pretty fast with this. Now with 6mg 70Vg 30Pg I am satisfied Nic wise, but the throat hit is killer and can be harsh. I have to take smaller hits. Is there a in between? Should I try mixing maybe two 3mg pre made juices with one 6mg Juice? Or Should I be using Like my Kanger with the 1.2 or my ego one with my 1.0 for my 6mg fix and my 0.5 for my 3mg fix I kinda like one setup for everything so in that case the juice mixing may be a better idea, on the other hand maybe it is better two have a few different setups ready to go. Whats everyone's thoughts and advice on this?
  4. I use 70VG 30 PG Or 80/20 Depends on the juice I am using. For me It is more about the juice flavor and not the throat hit anymore. And when I rip a large cloud that feels super satisfying, kinda hard to explain Having a large cloud of vapor is like a throat hit without the throat hit. Makes no sense right lol
  5. ​18mg While using Sub Ohm coils? Seriously you can rip a few big clouds with that and be all good? I know you can't be taking a tank down in one session with sub ohm with that high Nic? Right?
  6. ​Like you said a Black Market will come of it. Is what it is I guess. I don't get the Government at all. First they tax the crap out of Regular Smokes. Then they make Tobacco company's put warnings on how bad smokes are and they can kill you. Then they launch campaigns quit smoking & let us help you stop smoking etc.. Then some outside sources do the same and follow suit. So do some large drug companies. Now that we stopped smoking like they preached in the first place, now they are like oh **** where is our large tax dollar revenue stream, we are losing all of our money from smokers who made the change to vaping. lol Government, politicians, elected officials are supposed to listen to what the people want, not make up there own minds on what they want. I can promise nobody that vapes said hey lets tax this, and nobody that smokes said hey lets tax vaping, maybe a couple board fools, but other then that there is a louder noise from us saying do not tax this, do not classify this the same as smoking tobacco. Do they listen to the people? NOPE. They listen to big business, the drug company that is losing billions on people quitting by not using there drugs, big business like the tobacco company that wants to level the playing field, hey vaping should cost what smoking does they yell. Government is big business itself. The wasteful spending, the wars nobody wanted, the big taxes on the little guys. If you think about it for to long it makes your head spin. It even hurts worse when it is realized we cant do anything about it. It was the same with online poker, the government destroyed it, while other governments regulated it in a fair way.
  7. What does everyone feel is good for sub ohm vapor action 0, 3, or 6mg? I know anything higher almost seems to rip your throat up. What do you guys prefer?
  8. Why do you think Juice company's and us that use vapor do not want these laws with taxes to pass? Some states don't even want flavors they just want tobacco& Menthol. Some of these laws and taxes will kill the small sized juice business
  9. ​Why not a pack of Regular smokes costs about $3-$4 in Chicago Or NY and in Chicago it is like $10-$12 per pack most of it being taxes
  10. ​Good Price, I paid $100 For mine but it was at a local vape shop. I did not mind though I did not want to wait for shipping.
  11. So After killing my 36W defender Friday night, I was at a local vape shop, I was gonna wait and save. But I was going insane with my only mod destroyed. I know for sure I probably could have got a better deal shopping it online, but sometimes it's not about that. Allow me to introduce you to my new IPV 4 with temp control. I just had to do it. It will take me a bit to figure everything out, but I for sure like the fact that the batteries can be removed and you can download software updates to this mod. Digging it so far
  12. Another thing I will add to this is Kanger is the most cloned brand on the market. Big difference from some vape shop or online website owners making 200% + profit or 25% profit. Some even buy the clones and sell legit coils for them. Even reputable suppliers sometimes turn to the side of big profit. Sad but true.
  13. I don't have the temp control coils yet but I noticed with the standard 0.5 & 1.2 coils I have got dry hits that were just terrible, I have got hot juice splatter etc.. I don't get it, even with the RBA coil, not to mention the cotton it came with was just making the juice taste ok, but not extra great. To me Kanger has had issues in the past and they still do, Kanger is a expensive name, but there quality don't seem to hold up to the price. Personally Joyetech has got them beat, so does innokin with there new sub series tanks. Idk what everyone else thinks but I know if I am paying 40.00 for a tank I expect everything to be top notch, and the coils for the tank should be top notch as well. Just my opinion
  14. Just got done speaking with Joyetech they will have a $124.90 Price tag on these. It's really not terrible considering you get the mega Atomizer and the temp control feature. Also looks like the the TI & NI coils will be $22.50 per 5 pack. Joyetech is crazy with there retail pricing, they really check each dealer at every order to make sure they are complying with the price, and they are getting tougher with that policy. So more then likely if you see it cheaper good chance it is probably a clone. Some retailers do not care if they sell clones, they are just in it for the money.
  15. Seems like vaping can go hand and hand with eating & drinking. Like today I got a honey crisp apple that are now in season, after every bite or two I would take a hit of my caramel vape then go back to the apple. It was good, the taste of the apple seemed to improve after taking a vape hit. Seems like there can be a whole vape & food connoisseur thing going on. What are some food and drink you like to vape with?
  16. Right now I have to say I chain vape all day, with these mods and the lower Nicotine juice, it is making it easy to chain vape and go through a lot more juice then ever before.
  17. It was my only mod, however I do have a eGo One Battery, it powers my innokin I sub fine, but its not the same as having adjustable wattage. I will be good I just have to save and buy a new mod
  18. ​Would have but, I just got done digging a deep hole for it and I put it to rest. Was my only mod so kinda sucked, Time to save and get a new one. live and learn I guess
  19. Nothing yet, what is the proper way to dispose of this mess, do I bury it or what
  20. Got some sparks and a strange smell after taking out a screw this night is a mess
  21. ​No it has two screws on the bottom I will give it a go
  22. Any way to fix the issue like some sort of reset for these mods or did I just fry the board and game over
  23. Tried to make a RDA The coil looked fine at first was reading at .4 and it fired fine did the other coil and it all went messed up from there. now it is reading crazy on my kanger and innokin tanks and cant get it to fire, it powered back on. I had to of fried it
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