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  1. NIC 20mg 60 VG 40 PG Green apple 12% Double Apple 8% 24 hour shaking periodically 36 hour steep in slow cooker (using glass jars) 12 hour cool off Tried a tank full I figured it was the 20% of flavor that did it, my girl made a few single flavors last month no steep just age with 20% flavor and the same problem super sweet like pure sugar throat hit, think the flavors have to be like 10-12% total and not 20% when using similar flavors. Or single flavors. If there is a way to save it I would rather do that, it is 300ml and has potential. But if I have to toss it I will it is what it is.
  2. So made a batch of green apple and double apple and it was good, but kinda two sweet on the throat hit. No doubt 2 much flavor could be to blame. What would be a good way to tone it down a bit? I made 300ml total. Was maybe thinking of making 100ml of just VG & nic to tone it down a bit, thoughts??
  3. So far I have owned my eGo one for about 3 weeks, I am so happy with this. I got the XL Version and it has so far been perfect, everything and more I have wanted in a e cig. I am probably more impressed with it since all I have owned previously was a bunch of cheap ebay crap. The 1.0 coil gives a nice hit, I really dig the vapor production I have been getting, the 0.5 coil pulls a real huge hit, sometimes I feel it is even to much, but great for a bar night when you want a little more of a hit. I have used thicker juices with it like Modzilla and I have used some thiner juices with it like some of halos juice line. The eGo one can deal with it all so far. Never had a leak, and never have burnt a e juice. It is all I use all day and every day. Been using it a good 12-15 hours a day always vapping on it. The only thing I did notice was the battery has changed since the first week I have used it. It use to last all day without out needing a charge, now 3 weeks in it does seem to die at in the evening, I just purchased a second battery to have one on standby. Like I said though I do use it all day. So far I love it, Joyetech personally hit a home run with this e cig. My current set up with it is the glass drip tip with the 1.0 coil and airflow wide open in use. Real easy to clean to, just dig it all around.
  4. Cloud Chasing, big mods 50W or more producing massive hits. So here is the question for you. With some of these mods producing massive hits and clouds of vapor, what Nicotine level do you prefer to use with these? If any. A new vape shop opened up in my area and I went to get some juices. he let me actually test some out on the box mod he had made. I did not think I would like it, but I must say it was quite a surprise. I found that I got the full flavor of some of the juices I have been using when I tried this out. However for someone like me needing my nicotine fix, I was curious with the hit size if it would be a little to easy to over do it. What is everyone's thoughts, do you drop your Nicotine level when you use these larger vaper producing machines?
  5. More ammo for these politicians to give e cigs a bad name. It's a shame.
  6. It is funny how a Bill gets introduced, written, and passed into law now. The way it should go is a many complaints from the public and many public groups should = A bill being written and introduced. The way it is now, little to no public complaint. Big business who write big checks get the bill written and introduced. I know many smoke shops and Vapor Business that have opened in IL, them and there clients are frantic writing her to change her mind. So I bet you she has been contacted more by people who said they do not want this bill, then anyone who said they wanted it. Now isn't sad that politicians are elected to a term of service, to service us the people and what the people want in big government. They forget that. They are supposed to be our voice in big State politics. They are not elected to get there fundraising campaign padded by big corporations. We also do not elect them to listen to there ideas and beliefs, they should be listening to ours.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone, I look forward to exploring the forums more.
  8. How's everyone doing? I am new to the forums from Chicago, just recently got back into vaping after many failed attempts over the last few years. It took me some time to figure everything out. It was not easy finding out about good juices or equipment, with more and more tobacco stores selling leaky garbage and no name juices for 2000-3000% mark up's, needless to say I had some issues from the start, more then a few. Right now I am proud to say I am using a Ego One XL I got last week direct form Joyetech and I am loving every second of it. I am sure I can learn a bunch more here and make some friends in the process. Right now my State is trying to pass a bill that would basically outlaw the sale of e liquids that have flavor in them, besides Tobacco & Menthol Flavoring. They are also trying to classify e cigs as the same classification as Tobacco cigs. Unreal. If your curious you can read about that here http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=3362&GAID=13&GA=99&DocTypeID=HB&LegID=89547&SessionID=88 I hope posting links is ok if not I apologize in advance. Anyway glad to be here, and I hope to learn some more things from these forums.
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