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  1. I like my aga-t4, for the $15 I paid for it I think it performs pretty good. It's a genesis style.
  2. I just picked up a tugboat and so far I'm impressed. I was worried it might have too much airflow for the way I build but it's perfect.
  3. I just bought another sigelei Bagua and a mephisto to go with it.
  4. This. The drain on the battery is extremely low, most of these devices only have an off feature to prevent accidental misfire while in a pocket. I have an ego that sat in a drawer for almost a year before I needed it again and it was still charged.
  5. It's the best one I've had so far, I've tried a lot, I still mostly vape coffee or tobacco flavors as my all day. I haven't had a kona from anywhere else that tastes as good, even the diy flavors I've tried haven't been as good. I still order it frequently as there are only a handful of coffee flavors I like just as much. Taste is a personal thing so some people may not like it. It has subtle bitter undertone that you may not like, I drink my coffee black so that doesn't bother me.
  6. It depends on the kind of cigar and the smoker. If you're a cigar aficionado who buys $200 cigars your not really a real smoker, you just in it for the flavor. On the other hand if you ask any old time servicemen like navy, airforce, etc. They actually smoked theirs, but they usually had cigarellos or cigars which used to be about the size of modern day black and milds. The big fat stoggies we associate with cigars weren't actually common place, they were more of an upper class thing for a long period of time. Cigarellos or mini cigars were actually more common with the working class and were popular in old time Hollywood for a while. I have smoked a few expensive cigars and I smoked them just the same as I did everything else. To me not inhaling is equivalent to buying non-alcoholic craft beer or virgin drinks. What's the point? If I'm going to drink I'm going to actually drink and if I'm going to smoke I'm actually going to smoke. Rant over, to each their own. There are actually many different types of cigars and cigar smokers. I got my start on cigarellos and what most people today would probably call blunts. Both of which are inhailed. There are pipe smokers who don't inhale and actually put things like wood chips or flavoring shavings (incense, flower petals, etc.) In their tobacco because it will never touch their lungs.
  7. I think they are 6v and 15w max. Not much compared to a lot of boards now but they are compact which is nice. If you're looking to build something small they're perfect. Measurements are about 1" w x 2"L x 1/8"h.
  8. Anybody interested in a vamo v5 pcb I bought 4 and I only really need 2. I'm using them to build replacements for my evod and ego twists. They work great for building that kind of thing. Price is negotiable so just shoot me an offer.
  9. About 13 years. I started around twelve and was smoking 2 to 3 packs a day from 10th grade till I quit. I also smoked a pipe and cigars regularly. I had a hard time switching to vaping because I only ever smoked Marlboro filterless or red 100's with the filter ripped off. I also had difficulty learning to vape. I was used to straight lung hits even when I smoked because I started with pipes and cigars before I ever touched a cigarette. It was actually three years after I started smoking that someone told me I was doing it wrong and by that point it was habit. It wasn't until I found a good b&m that sold me a ego twist and a t3s with drilled out air holes that I switched 100%. They also custom mixed a ry4 for me. High pg 24 mg with 25% flavoring. Super high throat hit, I quit that week and never looked back.
  10. I use both wizard labs and Ecig express. They both have treated me right, if I'm ordering a flavor I already know I like and want it in bulk I go with Ecig express.
  11. I'm at zero on most of my juices. I do have nic in my lighter flavors like banana or Bavarian cream to add a little throat hit. It depends on the flavor as to how much nic I have. Banana is probably the highest because it's a 70 vg juice, between that and the fact that it's a subtle flavor I have to have it at 18 to have it vape right.
  12. I'm going to second what spydre said. The most likely culprit is the liquid, maybe a bad batch of coils but that's less likely.
  13. Honestly I love it, I don't have any magnets that fit right which sucks but it's still great. I'm giving it to someone. I will definitely be ordering another one as soon as Eric gets them back in stock. It fits right in my hand, it's not that heavy considering the size. The recessed button is easy to press, no sharp edges, fires no matter where you press. The positive pin is a bit of a pain. I really wish it was spring loaded on the 510 side, kind of sucks having to adjust the pin every time I switch between my nimbus and the smok meter to check the battery. That's my only real complaint.
  14. My bagua3 showed up today. It was supposed to be a used display unit but apparently someone with sticky fingers walked off with it so I got a brand new still shrink wrapped unit for 1/10 the price.
  15. Dual vertical using twisted 30g is my go to. Wrapped 8 times on a .75mm screwdriver comes out to around .75ohms. Just for laughs when I rebuilt this morning I also rebuilt an old t3s I had laying on my desk with the scrap. Came out to 1.4 and it vapes surprisingly well considering the amount of cotton I had to shove around it to prevent contact.
  16. True. They do seem like a gimmick. I don't see anything unsafe if used properly but I also don't see them working.
  17. I've noticed quite a few possible troll posts this past week but I've tried to ignore them and answer how I normally would just in case it's an actual person seeking help. As for the nicassure, I would suggest talking to a doctor you trust before using it. I don't have any knowledge on it personally but it sounds similar to the nicotrol inhalers I had to use as a kid. Without knowing how strong of a dose of nicotine it delivers that's my recommendation. Highly concentrated doses of nicotine can be toxic and when I had to use the nicotrol inhalers my doctor prescribed me primatine tablets to help prevent symptoms and warned me to only use the inhaler in emergency situations.
  18. The only place I've been where I couldn't was a concert at my sister's high school. They ban you from school grounds and fine you if you get caught vaping in the stadium. They wouldn't even let me bring the evod inside, I had to walk out to the car every time I wanted to vape. Almost everywhere else here doesn't care.
  19. Without knowing what your b&m is like price wise. I'm going to have to agree with comp and say your best bet is something like the VTR and a Nautilus. If you're lucky you might find a clone of DNA style device like the Hanna in your price range. If I were you I'd go down there and see what they have in your price range. Then see if they have some display pieces they let you test out. Not all b&m's will but mine will let me test out the displays for mods and boxes before I buy.
  20. This http://m.ebay.com/itm/380994590829?nav=SEARCHbut in parallel
  21. I got mine from discountvapers he is usually pretty good about shipping stuff. It normally takes 2 or 3 days for anything I buy to show up but with Christmas right around the corner and standard shipping Idk.
  22. I was actually just looking for a part to finish my own mod, all the ones I keep finding seem to be wired in series, but now you guys have me looking at box mods and drooling.
  23. I'll try to find a better pin too. I saw in the vid how awful that was. I've got spare parts galore here, some for stuff I don't even own. Lol, drunk shopping strikes again. Anyway I'm sure there's a better floating or spring loaded pin that will fit. I have a big screw case full of pins and I'll post what fits when I find it.
  24. Yeah I watched a couple reviews on it and saw the spring. The spring is big enough that I'm not worried about failure but with the recessed fire button and no lock I'd prefer magnets. Not to mention magnetic buttons just feel better. I'll measure everything and find some to work once it gets here. I'll make sure to post everything after I find out. I hope it shows up this week.
  25. Anybody have a lead on eBay for a dual 18650 battery box running in parallel instead of series?
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