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  1. Just starting using COTN myself, extremely easy to use, little to no break in. Makes wicking coils quick and easy. You might also check Eightvape, thinks it only $4.99 for a pouch.
  2. What type of setup do you have? There are some atty’s that don’t handle the thicker liquids(70/30, 80/20) very well.
  3. What level nicotine are you vaping?
  4. Congratulations, little you, I started vaping and quit a 2 a day cigar habit many years ago. It’s amazing just how far the vaping environment and community has grown.
  5. Was wondering if anyone else might have this issue. Seems like of late, the higher VG percentages 70/30, 75/25, 80/20 causes me to have heartburn. When I back down to a 60/40 or 50/50 mix the issue does not seem to occur. Now due to the regulatory issues, many of the e-liquid providers are standardizing on one combo and the majority seem to be in the higher mixtures 70/30 and above. Has anyone attempted to dilute slightly by added a little PG to bring to combo down closer to a 60/40 or 50/50 mix? Since I’m more interested in flavor over clouds, how does it affect the flavor?
  6. Congratulations on the move to the Vaping world. I was a two or three cigar a day smoker for 20+ years, I mean those big freaking Churchill’s. Gave them up almost cold turkey and went to Vaping about 8 years ago and haven’t looked back. I’m 62, mix my own liquid, build my own coils and enjoy playing around with the new stuff hitting the market. Get a kick when someone walks over after seeing clouds pouring over my head and asking what the heck is that.
  7. Live in the middle of nowhere in ALA, 60 miles from any local shop, so nearly everything I purchase is online. For hardware evcigarettes.com good prices great service myvpro.com good prices delivery varies Mix most of my own juices and got most of my supplies from RTSvapes, which I understand is now back on n business under a new name. Now use http://www.ecigexpress.com/ for supplies. Have purchased some premixed from Verde Valley Vapes, prices are very good and they have some great specials, delivery varies.
  8. I recently purchased a AEGIS mod, do a lot of outside activities so the thought a ruggedized mod was intriguing. From that standpoint it does as advertised. The issue I have is using power vs TC mode. Works great in power mode, but in TC mode, just can’t get it to operate properly. Just does not seem to produce the flavor or cloud as it does in power mode. When drawing, there’s seems a hesitation as power is applied. Downloaded latest firmware, no difference. Have matched with an AMMIT25, with Clapton coils varying from .2 to .4 ohms, juice varies from 70/30 to 50/50. Anyone else had the same
  9. I starting vaping back in 2010 when the price of a decent cigar got to be unaffordable. Since I typically would partake of 2-3 a day got to be a expensive endeavor. Started with nicotine levels in the 18-24mg and have steadily worked down to 3mg to a occasionally vaping with no nicotine at all. Since I mix my own liquids I've been able to lower the cost to less than a $1.00 per 10ml bottle which is pretty affordable, every couple of months I purchase a bunch of concentrates and blend to my hearts content and store them in the humidor that once held my high priced cigars. I've found that I'm e
  10. Sounds like your running at a high wattage and scorching the coil that not be primed up properly. The comment from your vape shop folks that's it's just the nicotine level, a high nicotine level can cause a burning sensation also if to high, especially just starting out. Some newbees think you've got to run at 18mg or 24mg of nicotine to get any satisfaction, but that can overwhelm the flavor and be quite harsh. I gave up a 2-3 a day cigar habit vaping at nicotine levels running from 3-6mg.
  11. I found a old back massager with dual handles, use a couple of tie-wraps to hold the bottles on the padding and crank it up. Blends the liquids perfectly, then I let them steep in my old cigar humidor for a little while. Works like a charm,
  12. I purchased the first generation eVic. The device is very user friendly, but not extremely durable. After awhile started having some difficulties with the connections, now only certain tanks work properly, like the ProTank, others seem to rather intermediate. They state that is easy to upgrade the micro-code to obtain greater flexibility, its not as simple as it seems, after numerous attempts and conversations with tech support with Joyetech, was able to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2. Gave up on trying to upgrading to the 1.3 code. If you are rough on devices, which I am, this is not a good choice
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