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  1. kirchoffs current law states the sum of the currents entering and leaving a node = 0. therefore in your circuit a simple series circuit your additive batteries would be a simple statement of ohms law. therefore add the two battery voltages together and divide by the resistance. This would be true on an unregulated mechanical mod. However you should realize that the regulated mod puts that voltage through a circuit and probably a voltage divider/variable resistance divice. just because 8.4VDC is available to your device does not mean it's putting all that voltage into the coil. This is explained in the parrallel statement that was mentioned earlier and kirchoffs voltage law. This states that the voltage applied across a simple loop of the circuit is equal to source voltage. therefore adding resistance in series (a simple resistor) will drop some of the voltage and dissapate the applied energy prior to it being applied to the coil.
  2. Got mine in today. Seems pretty solid so far. The above post is correct requires 9v for inline charging. Easy to pop the cover and replace the batteries though. I keep 8 batteries charged at all times for my mods.
  3. Have you noticed that all your tanks leak when on an airplane? LOL i took 3 devices last time i flew. ALL 3 leaked out their fluid while in air. I purposely changed the coils in my turbo to make sure they were good. The clearomizers leaked too. It was frustrating.
  4. what i find funny is fog machines always made me cough and have trouble breathing. Personal Vaporizers though give me no troubles
  5. I ordered one of these. it will be intersting to see how it performs compared to some of the others i have. it is a little pricey but i am really looking for a nice mod with good performance. I have heard a lot o good things about vaporshark and figured this would be a good mod to give them a try on.
  6. When i was forced to be in a union our uniforms by union decree had to be American Made. When i would tear a shirt in the plant it would cost me 60 bucks to replace a basic polo style blue shirt. (we had a uniform allowance that would pay for up to 3 uniforms per year, THat would last me about 3 months because there were A LOT of metal banded claddings in the plant). I hated the fact that i had to pay 4x value for American Made. I work very hard for my money. Every day i come home and take anti inflammtory meds like advil to reduce swelling and pain from a hard day of work. When i buy something i want the best value for my hard earned dollar. If that means i buy from china or japan or from products from those countries then that is what i'll do. The more our country screams to raise minimum wage and regulate corporations out of existence the more we will buy foreign made products. It is not a question of patriotism for me. I served my country. I am a veteran and during my service we had multiple hazard zone patrols. I do not equate buying for value with not being a patriot. I do have companies i will not buy from because i believe they are anti american. I'll never buy another GM product because of their bailout and transfer of wealth to Unions. I buy ford because when i shopped around for a full size car they had by far the best bang for the buck. When i wanted a truck (2009) there was no other company that could compete with the price i got on my F150. when i wanted a small commuter car nothing seemed to compare to the focus i got that i was getting 39 to 41 MPG from. But i don't buy them because they are an American company. That is a bonus. I think your statement was True bcarter. We Have regulated and unionized to the point that American companies simply can't produce a product (in the mass production market) that competes with foreign made products. ON a side note i luckily work for an American based oilfield manufacturing company that builds an outstanding product. Still we outsource our control functions and products to Norway because well that seems to be where all the PLC designers and programmers are lol. all the oilfield companies i've worked for seem to outsource their control systems and software to Norway.
  7. something i've learned with my tanks. IF you let them come to about 1/3 or less full they will flood. If you are able to keep them above the half marker it will help. Mine don't flood anymore. On a side note i'e noticed the BVC nautilus will flood slightly if your not powered enough for the tank. anything less than 12 watts and mine will start to flood. Vaping at 12W plus with at least half full tank and mine all stopped flooding
  8. I keep cotton swabs at my charging station so that cleaning the battery prior to charging is easier
  9. I am working toward 0 nic vaping. That is what should be on the list the habit of hand to mouth and seeing the vapor are too much for me. i'm down to 6mg nic though and plan soon to start buying both 6 and zero and mixing it down to 3
  10. thanks for the review. That assures me i'll wait for a bit before i order one.
  11. ok one coil was able to last me 9 days (90 ml of fluid) the vape is outstanding but i had flooding issues after about 50ml. so if your willing to spend about 5 dollars per week on coils it is in my opinion the best replaceable coil tank on the market. (you will need something capable of at least 20w to power it).
  12. i actually like the size (my home rigs will fire it no problem) and it would fit well on my 7-30. If it gave a great flavor i would be willing to give it a try (have some spare coils laying around from the mega aerotank) but i'm just not a fan of kangar coils. when kangar comes out with the vertical coil system it might be different (hopefully will be).
  13. ok i got my juice. I'm vaping Heaven Bounty @12mg in a nautilus BVC. The flavor is ok. The shipping time was crazy. 10days from placing my order i got the juice. That's a big negative for me and will probably keep me from ordering from them again.
  14. thanks for posting the video. while the vapor production looks awesome i think i'll stick with vertical coils for now. The nautilus and Joye delta are both pretty fantastic (with the joyetech delta outshining by far)
  15. Anybody know of a good soft case i can carry my big rigs in? looking for something to let me carry my Seven 30 with me without shoving it in my front pocket and risk breaking the Joyetech atomizer that's so dang expensive.
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