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  1. Deckyon


    That would be more due to dehydration than anything else. Had the same thing and it didnt go away until I started drinking more fluids. Sorry, alcohol doesnt count (though I wish it would). Drink plenty of fluids while vaping, it does dehydrate you pretty quickly.
  2. Deckyon

    Water proof gear box

    Try Pelican Case. Here's mine. Some things have moved/adjusted since the photo was taken.
  3. Deckyon

    Cool fire 2

    It will take any 510 style, I use a KPT2 as well. I have even thrown on a couple of my KPT2 Minis, but they look funny. I have a generic Genesis-style RBA that I use as well, and when the dial is set to 12.5 it vapes well. But man, that RBA eats batteries.
  4. Deckyon

    Cool fire 2

    I have one and love it. It feels great, nice and heavy and gives some great power to the atomizer. Stick with a tank - should come with the I-Clear 30b (nice tank and I really like the vapor from the dual bottom coils.) And when bored, take the tank off and roll it down the hall - reactions are priceless. Get extra batteries and a charger. The short batteries that are required go dead pretty quicke if you are a heavy vaper. I have 3 I rotate for mine.
  5. Deckyon

    Five Pawns Bowdens Mate

    It definitely shows the difference between the average juices and a well-made juice. I do not vape mine a ton, but I do vape it a decent amount when I want something special. I have a tank just for it and generally dont do more than half a tank at a time, with a lot of other flavors in between.
  6. Deckyon


    He said after 2 months he started getting the burning and bad throat hit. Get a new tank or replace the coils in the existing one. Also, make sure he isnt keeping the battery on for more than about 5 seconds - that can burn the wicking and it will never taste right again. This is more of an issue on the variable batteries. Too much ppower too long. I change out my coils in my KPT2's about every 7 to 10 days depending on how I hit them.
  7. Deckyon

    Five Pawns Bowdens Mate

    I have found that I need to swap out my juices more often - they get bland. And it isnt the juice, but the taste buds being overwhelmed with a single flavor. I picked up a couple more KPT2 Minis to help with that and branched off. As for the 5 Pawns, Absolute Pin and Queenside are my favorites, but the best Absinthe flavor I have found is from Seattle Vapes.
  8. Deckyon

    Need y'all's opinion

    Will speak in generalities rather than brands. 1. the more coil around more wicking you have, the more vapor you will get. 2. Getting to Sub-OHM levels will produce more vapor. 3. While fun, building coils can get old if you have a 4 or more coil vaporizer. 4. When going Sub Ohm, the battery you use is more important than the number of coils - they can literally blow up. Get an OHM meter, it will save your life. 5. If you dont want to drip into the atomizer every few minutes, you will want a tank. These can be tricky, but worthwhile. I have this. Remember, PG = More Flavor VG = More Vapor Mix gives some playing room. Again, these are all generalities and meant to be something to think on.
  9. Deckyon

    Charger Malfunction?

    Sometimes the contact points get pushed down too far and no longer make contact. This generally happens when you screw a tank down too tightly. Take a pin and gently pull up on the center contact going all the way around and see if that helps the issue. If it does, dont screw your tanks down too tight.
  10. Deckyon

    What causes Tank Gurgling?

    Are you out of your mind? I like, generally, 60/40 (VG/PG) or better on my juices and have NO problems. I have seen where juice can bleed in through the wicking into the atomizer air tube. Just remove the atomizer and blow out the juice. I have had to do this to a KPT2 and iClear 30B. It is because I left juice in them for extended periods where I wasnt using them for vaping. Blew out the juice and no more gurgling.
  11. Deckyon

    New to Mech Mod - What do I do?

    Use it as you normally would any other mod. I use my mec with a KPT2 all the time. Just do not keep the button pressed more than a couple of seconds or you run the risk of burning the wick.
  12. Deckyon

    Kentucky B&M's?

    I cant really be of any help outside of Louisville or Lexington. If you make a trip near either of them, check out AltSmoke. Great people, great stores. In Louisville I can also recommend Derb-E-Cig and Cit-E-Cig.
  13. Deckyon

    pg/vg question

    you only started vaping but you are looking into ratios of pg/vg and mods/clones all without even trying to read the existing wealth of information already contained in this forum? Sit down, slow down, learn your existing setup first.
  14. Deckyon

    Good chocolate mint?

    I just tried the NicQuid Chocolate Mint and it tasts just like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
  15. Deckyon

    100 mg nic pg based... how to?

    So go find the proof. If what you say is true, there would be no need to sue them if everything was public record... get a new ******* horse, cause this one is dead.

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