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Vaping In Hawaii

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I am out visiting my husband in Honolulu, and I must admit....I could get used to this......It was supposed to start snowing in colorado when I left.

My OH is currently out here working on a project that could last up to 10 years. At least for the time being I will have to force myself to come out here to visit every couple months. He will be working here 3 weeks each month and then back to denver for 1 week--indefinitely.

Both my kids are in college, so the mom in me can't leave colorado just yet.....

Then there's the 7 hour (very cramped) plane trip....Thank God for vaping !!!! Had myself a nice window seat and was able to discreetly vape throughout the flight. In the old days, my only thought would be planning (and stressing) over when I could next have a smoke.

Most of the Hotels are all now completely non-smoking---again, Thank God for vaping

Traveling and Vaping are perfect companionsthumbsup.gif

as much as I love you all--Its time to walk down to the beachicecream.gif

Happy Vaping !!!

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Gee that's too bad that you have to spend your Christmas in the islands. Must be tough! (are you getting the sarcastic tone here?)

Hope you enjoy your holiday...seriously.

Could be worse....you could be in snow up to your...well let's just say a lot of snow.

Happy Holidays and happy vaping.hug.gif

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Now is all I need to do is be able to retire here. After driving a bit around oahu and up to the North shore---Thinking I could live here. Kids...What kids.....

Been raining the last couple days--but still warm.

I have decided I am way more a beach person than a mountain person--

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Sun came out yesterday after 2 days of torrential rains and flooding. currently on my way home. left last night at 10pm, currently hanging out at the San Francisco Airport awaiting my connection. should be home about 1030am. (3 hour time change).

Thank God for Vaping !!!! I would be going nuts if I was still smoking (and probably a bit cranky)--very crowded, very full flights.

vacation is over !!crybaby.gif

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