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E Cig Is Harsh To Hit?

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just recently bought a joye 510 e cig,

I was sick when I got the it in the mail, and thought the harshness was due to being sick, but it seems that it is still harsh, big hit or a small hit its all the same. (and I do smoke the e cig different then real cigs, I will take a long slow puff in my mouth, blow a little out, to mix with fresh air then inhale, why is it so harsh?)

Has anyone had the same problem when switching from reg cigs to e cigs?

Its way harsher then a real cigarette!

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Yeah its a brand new atty you should soak that baby up with more liquid and then hopefully you'll be good to go (Im always KIND to my BUDS)..........lol....!!!! :beer::smoke:

I agree w/ the new atty idea...I don't know about harsh but an ugly taste when those attys are new...primer and all that.

Beercityvaprz how do you do those emoticons drinkin' beer etc.

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Did you take off the empty cart and replace with a filled cart before using? (why oh why they don't include that necessary tip in the instructions I;ll never know).

(don't be offended if you did, I'm just asking to be sure and also to let lurkers or newbies know to do that. I didn't do that when I got mine, and back then they were using a nice primer that even tasted ok. :rolleyes:

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Yes, when you open the box you'll find some prefilled carts inside individual pkgs, an extra ego battery, and an ego battery with cone, atty and blank (empty) cart on it, plus your charger, and the extra atty. Charge up one of the batteries, (it will take about 20 minutes because they arrive 3/4 charged). While it's charging, twist the cone off the other one and remove the empty cartridge. (the atty twists, the cart pops). Open a prefilled one, and pop that onto your atty. (I assume they still arrive this way). Retwist your cone cover back on and take a slow (really slow) drag. Don't inhale. Don't inhale for the first 3 or 4 drags. (the primer on the atty isn't very tasty). Now fill your mouth with the vapor, take a small inhale and blow out. (if you're like me, you'll laugh yourself in a tizzy over coughing like it's your first cig ever).

If you want, you can first remove the atty, blow gently through it onto a napkin, to remove the primer. The primer is actually a good thing though... it's vg and helps to safeguard your atty from dryness and it also helps to produce a tad bit extra vapor. (remember this for later... you can prime your own with your own VG anytime after you clean it).

Sounds like a lot when it's typed out. It's not really. If it tastes awful, just do some more primer puffs ( like as if you didn't get your cig lit right) and move your better tasting eliquid through the atty.

Memorize how your prefilled cart looks before puffing, so you'll know what it should look like when you refill it. (no puddles, just sparkly sponge look). Refill as needed. Don't worry, you'll be checking that cart often at first lol. How's it look after 3 puffs lol. How about now after 6? 10? It's normal, and it's all good. You'll notice when the vapor drops off a little (or suddenly improves like mad), then it's time for a refill.

so much easier done than said.

Edited by Uma

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There could be several reasons for the harshness.

And without having the unit in front of my I can only speculate.

User error is usually the first choice but hopefully that is not the case here.

If you have a low resistance cartomizer & don't use enough juice that would produce harshness.

I would check the voltage output from the battery & the resistance on the cartomizer.

Some high mg liquids seem harsh to some also.

Getting the right combination battery & cartomizer or atomizer is a great place to start.

This is why why the variable volt mad scene is so rampid.

Anyway this is just my opinion & we all have one.

I sure your situation can be worked out rather eaisily.

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I have been keeping my e juice topped off, and it is a new atomizer

But I have solved the problem (with your guys help). I took the atomizer off and blew it out, and some liquid came out (Im assuming that some of it was e juice and some was the primer)

no more harsh smoke. Wow these things are awesome, close enough to the real thing (as far as the smoking action goes) that I might actually be able to quit smoking real cigarettes.

I was bummed when I first tryed my e cig, and it was harsh I thought it was a piece of junk, but you guys saved the day. I wish the instructions they send with the unit would tell you about things like this.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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