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  1. Its crazy that this is going on I LOVE IT, now alot of vapors/suppliers can vape and conduct business as usual, the fda seemed like e cig/liquid haterz and wanted this banned so bad a few months ago, I really wonder what turned this around, anyways great news and a big FU to phil morris, lol~!!!!
  2. Yeah welcome to VT and I will make a suggestion on what kind of e cig you should buy, most people who have been around will tell you to buy an eGo kit, reason why is the battery life is about 6-8 hours long on every charge, this is good because you are not switching out batteries every half an hour like with your basic stick batteries on the KR808's or DSE901's or even the standard 510, the eGo is a little thicker and has a cone to cover atomizer, looks like a cigar or spliff (also check vids on youtube or pics here at the VT store), its a 510 atomizer connection witch is IMHO the best atty around, best of all is the 3.7 volts, its way stronger than the stick batteries and gives you massive amounts of vapor, after I bought mine about 8 months ago I didn't smoke a "real cig" for 3 1/2 months straight, and I smoked 40 cigs a day back then, basiclly everyone on this forum will tell you to get it, plus its at a great price 70 bucks and alot will throw you some juice in it as well, I think Chris does that still here at the VT store, check it out and good luck jillp PS: they also sell 510 cartomizers for the eGo at the store here and alot of other places for like $1.50 a piece, I use 510 cartomizers on my eGo and it is definatly hands down the greatest and inexpensive way to vape, especially after a KR808, thats what I had before my eGo!!!!
  3. Is there a vid on how to remove burnt threads from your atty, sometimes peeps forget to remove them right away before dripping and using them, I have a few newer lr's that are tasting nasty hopefully getting the threads out will help taste, thanx 4 posting this info.
  4. I ordered a few liquids off of myfreedomsmokes.com during the fda scare, first was flu cured witch was pretty good then I got some newport and when I ordered it they told me they make the order right after its placed and to tell them how you like it in the special instructions so I told them I wanted a TOBACCO tasting menthol, what did I get was some 2 year old halo ice tasting liquid, super NASTY, vaped once and almost puked off it, more money down the drain, ohh well thats the way it goes sometime, maybe this is the reason I ALMOST quit vaping, just lack of customer service on their part to tell me one thing and to get another, a friend helped me with some mentha and im on a better track, thanx VT for having very good quality juice, down to one pack a cigs ever 3 days except when out drinking, lol!!!!
  5. Thanx 4 the support, yeah im getting a feeling my ole lady ordered some fresh cartos for me for X-mas to get back on track, hope to get em on monday, MERRY X-MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah this E Gel looks like a great idea, maybe this is my answer for cutting back on the few analogs I been smoking lately, Definatly check back on this stuff, Thanx 4 sharing the news.
  7. Ive heard a few people talking about the struggle of maintaining the use of your e cig after going thru your first 6-8 months of using it, idk I've find myself smoking about 6-10 analogs a day now, something I need to stop doing and working on it (stress,whatever?)I give alot of credit to alot of people on the forums who have been smoke free for 6 months, 1 year or more, bcuz going back to a few analogs a day is defeating the purpose of even starting to vape, I gotta place a order of some new cartos bcuz direct dripping hasn't been doing it for me, need to get back on track, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!!
  8. I know exactly what you are talkin about, im a 555/tobacco guy myself and I get that alot and my only theroies on that is our taste buds are going crazy bcuz we quit or drasticly cut down (in my case) from analogs or vaping at higher voltages will change the taste, I know one vape im like dulcis is awesome and then the next vape im like yuck, its just wierd like that, idk about fruit/candy flavs doing that since I dont vape them barely ever, your not alone on that experience, good luck
  9. Buy your kit from this site, the VT store! bcuz you will no its offical, the cheap price ones out there work but they are knock offs and the battery life on those arent as good as the real eGo or Tornado from totally wicked, the Joye eGo is a 510 so 510 atomizers and cartomizers is what you want bcuz thats the fitting on the eGo, basicly the device you are selecting is the best witch is the 510 joye ego, hope this helps, welcome to VT.... ohh yeah regular nicotine is usaully 16-18mg, light is like 12mg or lower...drip tips are extra, just something you put on the atty for direct drippin, check out a few videos and other posts as well, that might help too.
  10. Keep up the healthy track your on, bcuz of some bs I had no nic in my system for a lttle over a month, unfortunatly I lit up a analog within the first half hour of gettin out but vaped it up when my bat was charged with a fresh LR carto when I got home, so im trying to get back on track, good luck on continuing the streak
  11. Yeah its a e-cig, Johnny depp is just the type of off the wall actor that would incorperate vaping into the movie and letting the director/producers let him pull it off without it initially being in the script, though im suprised a e-cig wasn't debuted in a futuristic sci-fi type movie, seems a tornado or joker would be a good fit in a futuristic style movie, probably next to come....
  12. AVE's flu cured is off the chain, my main vape, just got home a few days ago so I haven't had a chance to order the bobas bounty yet, like Nero alot of juice I've ordered or tried I end up hating it also, and it is just sitting here collecting dust so im passing it on thru a trade I owe, Im still serarching for that perfect blend besides Ave's flu cured, VT's dulcis and sweet caroline from iVape, thats all im vapin right now and a little menthol here and there, good review.
  13. LMAO!!!!! Oprah is a member of the Wu Tang Killa Bees.....
  14. Just learned a few new things myself, awesome! ohhhh yeah, you can also use CARTO = cartomizer, sometimes vapers think CARTO means just a regular plastic cartridge or cart.
  15. Yeah I'd have to agree VG mixed 50-50 or even 70-30 or straight 100% dosen't work well with cartomizers, and I never got sick off of 100% PG e-liquids maybe just a little head rush probably from to high of nic, Good luck with it tho.
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