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Target, Costco and Walgreen to sell Electronic Cigarettes

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This should be in the news area but I found it important enough to post here. Costco and Target are already selling the E Smoke online and Walgreens is next up. Walgreens also plans to sell the NJOY in stores in the near future...! faint_32.png

http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/ ... y0124.html

This is going to be great especially if we run out of liquid and need a quick refill. The NJOY carts will work seamlessly with the PeeWee/RN4081. A little pricey but I hope NJOY works to change this in time

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Darn ... just checked Costco Canada and no Njoy goodies there ... sure makes you wonder, though ... how are they getting away with it? Good news nevertheless. Didn't check to see if they were selling carts with nic or if they were no nic, though.

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I never found electronic cigarettes at Walgreen. I would love to know at what Walgreen you having those electronic cigarettes? I would love to have. I found the Walgreen Return Policy somewhere will this be apply same to it? I would be eager to follow the policy to easy return and refund to save money.   

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Target, Costco and Walgreen start to sell e liquid online is really a good thing, this will drive the price lower ,and we can get good product for cheaper price 😀

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