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Hi All,

Melinda again....

I am searching around for interesting flavors. Who is your favorite supplier? I was looking at DIY Flavor Shack and they seem to have a lot of unusual eliquids, especially the clove, which is what I used to smoke. Has anyone tried the clove from DIY? And one last query, coupon code resources? Thanks tons everyone!!!

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Yea...Brian is something...that's why he's the "GOD" of posting.

But seriously....I've heard some really great things about Dawn at DIY...I think you'll find they have something you'll like.

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Not tried DIY shack yet (however, currently at the top of my list)

recently tried Mrs. T's baking essentials -- the blueberry was amazing. The maple pecan doughnut was pretty good too and the Mint chocolate chip expresso.


for flavoring I really love Tiramisu and apple pie for flavourart from freedomsmokeusa: http://freedomsmokeusa.com/index.php?cPath=34&osCsid=9624826c44f3feb00213c2e8d5b3ef5f

soooo many choices

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