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Mod or tank problem


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I brought a brand new predator 228 220w mod today I connected my dead rabbit tank and I have a short circuit problem how do I fix this ?


I have cleaned my mod for the past hour

I have changed my coil with the pre build I got from eBay still the same problem


Any help or advice as when I connect my tank back up to my old tank there is no short circuit.


I'm thinking something to do with the screw at bottom of the tank ? As the hole is deeper for the connection on my mod for the screw on my tank then my old mod. But I'm not sure if it's ok to turn the screw at bottom of tank.


Thank you

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Is the center pin, down in the hole, on your mod spring loaded?   or is it adjustable?

the center pin on your tank is not reaching the center pin on your mod.  some things to check:

1. if the center pin on your mod is adjustable, you need to raise it.

2.  If it's spring loaded, it may be stuck down.   use a small screw driver,  needle or similar to pop it back up.  sometimes on new mods the spring loaded center pin is a little rough.  work it a few times to make sure its fully extended. Keep it clean and juice free so it doesnt get stuck down.

3. On your tank, when you screw the coil in, it needs to be in all the way.  it pushes on the center pin of your tank and has to be all the way screwed in, or, you need to slightly pull out the center pin on the bottom of your tank. 


hope that helps


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