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My GF is starting to Vape to Quit Smoking

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Was she possibly talking about a "wick" instead of a filter?

Without knowing what brand and model of vaping equipment she's using, it's hard to troubleshoot the issue. It could be that the mod (if it's a regulated device), is set too high and she burned the wick. It could be the e-liquid you purchased is too high in nicotine, it could be any number of things.

Can you give us more specifics and details?

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Thanks for helping 

The one I bought was this one https://www.vapeclouduk.co.uk/collections/starter-kits/products/innokin-ez-watt 

I heard great reviews online and purchasing one from their starter kit just seemed to make sense. I was originally looking for like a really thin pen thing that I had seen on an advert but I was advised by live chat that they weren't the best and that I should look at one of these.

I got some free juice with it and I think that was a 6, whatever that means.

I hope this information helps

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Thanks, that does help a bit. I don't know how many watts your girlfriend is using but tell her to go down to the lowest (13 - 14). That might help. Also, when taking a draw, tell her to take the vapor into her mouth, hold for a split second before inhaling. That might also help to keep her from coughing.

What flavor of e-liquid is it? This could also be a contributing factor. Harsher flavors are cinnamon (like the candy), most citrus fruit flavors, and tobacco flavors. Her best bet would be bakery flavors like apple pie, vanilla, custard... those types are usually more smooth.

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There is no filter, just atomizer with coils inside and typically cotton for the wick. 6 is probably the nicotine level and is a good starting point. I have found most starter kits even for beginners discouraging in the fact that they usually suck.

Sounds to me like the PG/VG mix could possibly be wrong for that device and she burnt the coil, or wick. For that type of lower powered  device you would want the lowest possible VG mix and also, Tam is correct some flavors or even brands can be harsher than others, when vaping at certain watts through curtain coils. Sometimes mixing a new flavor into rotation without changing the coil, especially if its a different PG/VG mix could lead to some adverse affects or flavors. For some more info on different types of E-liquid you might check out this blog post e-liquid-nic-salts-what-is-this-stuff?

Sometimes vaping can be tricky, and there are so many brands flooding the market, If you purchase the e-liquid at a vape shop be sure to tell them the device your vaping with and they should guide you in the right direction. If she is serious about quitting smoking with vape then this article is a good place to start: secrets-to-quit-smoking-cigarettes-with-vape-inside

I really want people to quit smoking with vape cause its fun, my opinion is that device and or coil set up might not be the best. 

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Hey Guys, 

I also want to quit smoking , because it start creating problem in my lungs and I can't immediately  quit smoking because of my regular habit and So, I am looking for the <removed spammy link> which helps me to do so. Any suggestion from your side. 

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If you want to quit smoking and move to vaping, the first thing you will notice is that you cough up a lot. This is almost like a withdrawal effect but should settle down after a week or so. The best e-liquids to move onto is the salt e-liquids as they contain a natural form of nicotine. We'd recommend pod salt as a good starting line if you are a medium-heavy smoker. 

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