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  1. Hi guys I was scrolling through my Instagram and I saw this and thought I'd share it. Seems a good competition and the price looks decent Personally, I don't vape and my girlfriend struggles to blow bubbles so I am not counting on her to win, but I have told a few of my friends. Just thought it would be good for anyone one on this forum who knows/enjoys doing tricks with their vape. All the best guys
  2. Thanks guys. I told her all of you guys advice and she is finding vaping much easier. She has now gone just over 1 month without smoking, so we are both really happy with her progress
  3. Thanks for helping The one I bought was this one https://www.vapeclouduk.co.uk/collections/starter-kits/products/innokin-ez-watt I heard great reviews online and purchasing one from their starter kit just seemed to make sense. I was originally looking for like a really thin pen thing that I had seen on an advert but I was advised by live chat that they weren't the best and that I should look at one of these. I got some free juice with it and I think that was a 6, whatever that means. I hope this information helps
  4. Hi Guys So my girlfriend wants to quit smoking and I bought her a vape for Christmas. She's been using it, but like I don't know anything about vaping at all. so I've tried buying juice and got her coughing everywhere and she said something about a filter? Any help?
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