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Just thought I'd throw this out here.  Just started testing and doubt I will have any real concrete results for some time.  I imagine maybe a year's time frame.  

Here is the protocal I'm playing with.  I'm using a baseline of juice "steeped" for one month approx.  So far the initial impression is impressive:

Mix all ingredients in a 120ml Boston Round leaving 10ml of space at the top of the bottle

Cap bottle and warm to 40°C via Souse Vide  (Happen to have one.  Handy)

Homogenize liquid for two minutes keeping the prob head under the surface of the liquid limiting aerobic impact

Cap bottle and put in an Ultra Sonic Cleaner for thirty minutes to assist the recovery process

Allow juice to cool to room temp overnight

I have only tested two recipes so far but they both compared favorably to the same recipe "steeped"

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27 minutes ago, GizmoVapes said:

Genius absolutely genius. never thought to do this. in a way your speed steeping. Although I would like to know is the liquid changing color (getting darker in color) from nicotine oxidation like regular steeping?

It really seems to assist the process of aging.  I keep a lid on during most of the process except for the actual use of the homogenizer.  This way I'm not introducing oxygen and don't get discoloration from the nicotine oxidation.  From what I can tell so far, actual "sitting" does still enhance flavor but a few days of sitting seems to be about the apex of change.  Keeping the finished mixes in a filing cabinet drawer also helps minimize oxidation.  Large batches will darken some just from long periods of time before it's used up.  

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13 hours ago, mattythornton said:

You really are an evil genius Walt. Good to seem still using that wicked skull fruit for SOME good (along with all the evil too ya dirtbag emoji6.png )

Yes Egor!  Today the fruit.  Tomorrow the world!!!   Blahahahahahahahaha

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8 hours ago, cany said:

@Walt So does this really help the steeping process?

It seems to so far @cany.  Testing is going to take time as I am simply mixing with the homogenizer when a current juice runs out and I need to replace it.  I'll probably know more in about six months or so.   

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