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I was at an event were Larry Farcloth was speaking. He is a senator fighting for vat.

He made a lot of great points. The one the scared me was. In 3 years Vaping will be gone. Here is his reasoning. Why would you save a bunch of mom and pop shops when Big pharmacy can make it so you go to a doctor to get Vaping equipment. He Wright's 2 script 1 one for a pod type sys that you pay your copay and the seller charges $500 for a icare and that will last a year then you get s 60ml of tobacco or menthol e juice and that's a month supply. You pay $20 and the doc charges your insurance $100. And that's all you can get all the big guys get there money.

It was an eye opener.

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Nope. Sorry, not buying the scare tactics, and that's just what this is. The genie is out of the bottle, there's no going back now. Even if all the mom and pop shops are gone, there will still be the black market. China makes too much money from vaping equipment to give up so easily, and other than nicotine, eliquid is very easy to make for yourself.

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