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Ok, looks like they make a bunch of coils for that tank.  A T6, T8, T10, and Q4.  Looks like the T8, T10, and Q4 are going to produce the most fog.  You can start around 80 Watts with any of those.  So the drill is to try 80, then 85, then 90,....  until your vape starts dying out.  You know, that singeing cotton flavor.  At some point in the drill you will max out your vapor production.  

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Make sure you have e liquid to feed the beast. 4 120 ml should keep you going for a week or 2.
I friend owns a juice company and uses the TFV12 and has said he is glad he makes his juice. Lol. I should make a tank with a fitting so you can hand a bottle of juice on it.
Great tank. Super clouds and good flavor with the smaller coils.

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