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RDA acting wierd


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Hey guys new to the forum My name is Earth.

I have been a vapor for a while but only I do sub ohm tanks.

Just bought the doode RDA by squidoode

Because I want to try to build coils myself 

This is the list of things I use normally 

-vaporflask lite 

-uwell 1 sub ohm tank

I do 38watts and getting 0.55 ohms, 4.58V

"good flavorful cloudy vape."


after building my coils with the DOODE RDA I got from vaperoyalty. 

I do 38watts, It reads 0.37 ohms and pulls 3.76V 

but I feel that

-the flavor and cloud is not as good as when i vape on sub ohm tanks

-It pulls battery faster than the sub ohm.

-occasional "short atomizor" warning

-does not heat up as quick and need to press button for a few seconds to actually get it to burn the wick.

-mod and RDA tank becomes hot

What did I do wrong here guys and girls? 






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More issues dad wasn't mentioned
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First off, Welcome!  

That is a very interesting scenario.  The "atomizer short" and hot mod bother me.  You should not get that with a .38Ω build unless you are firing the thing for long periods of time.  Forgive me if I mention something that is elementary to you but there are a few bases I want to cover.  

Did you check the resistance of the atty completely assembled after doing the build?  Sometimes a coil can short out on the inside of the vapor chamber.  

Did you check the atty closely to make sure nothing is loose?  I have received atties with loose posts which again could cause a short.

Are you using a good high drain battery(s)?  Your mod is taxing the batteries with about a 10A draw.  You can simply google "Battery Mooch" to find charts of tested batteries for vaping.   

Once the "atomizer short" and hot mod problem is fixed, I would recommend starting at about 35 watts and then increasing the power until the flavor peaks.  That will be your "sweet spot" for the build in regard to power applied. As you increase power the atty will also produce vapor faster.   As you go beyond the sweet spot, the flavor will diminish and eventually start tasting like a "dry hit".    Depending on the wire you used for the build, 38 watts could be a tad low for a .38Ω build.  Per the 3.76V your mod is showing, the mod is doing an accurate job of applying 38 watts to the atty.  

Once you get the hang of building and finding the right power for the build, I'm sure you will find the flavor and vapor production much better than commercial coils.  Takes a little experimenting.  

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Thank you for the tips and tricks. 

I had did some research and found out that my battery was not suitable for the ohm.

i have a 20amp battery which I think from what I read is to use a more higher amp battery.

I am also experiencing a leak from the RDA towards the top surface of my mod, does this mean that it is not air tight?


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Don't go by the rating on the battery or as advertised.  Use the Mooch search.  Battery Mooch is a battery tester.  He tests just for vaping.  Most RDA's leak from over-dripping.  

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