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First MOSFET Mod Build

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If you think about on time in pulse firing being the pulse width/duration and that gets repeated over and over the hole time you are holding the fire button. That is how you effectively change the voltage going to the atomizer. The longer the pulse on time the higher the effective voltage and the opposite applies too.

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Finally finished except the cleaning. Had to replace multiple parts multiple times but finally working as it should. Barely able to fit everything into the housing.

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1 minute ago, MRSpivey said:

Thanks Walt. I learned a bit with this that will enable my next one to turn out better cosmetically.

Well then, I can't wait to see the next one because this one looks pretty sharp to me.  I dare say you're getting good at this.  

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Here are the latest Pics:

Lessons Learned:
1) Always test components individually after soldering (from original fire switch failure)
2) Calibtate the LED DVM before installation (self explanatory)
3) Don't flex Potentiometer leads, they break easily (self explanatory)
4) Use the right tool for the job (center punch - couldn't find and freehand drilled holes, wrong Dremel cutting wheel for meter opening, and drill bit just one size too small for replacement button)
5) Always me mindful to protecting the finish on the Mid Box (protective tape, towel, paper towels, or multiple things to keep from scratching finish)
6) Laser engraving/etching should be the last thing done, not the first (related to #5 anbe)
7) Don't use heaver gauge (oversized) wire just because you think bigger is better (it takes up space!)
8) Case size does matter, allow extra!

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37 minutes ago, MRSpivey said:

Lessons Learned:

Looks real sharp to me.  Glad you got a lot of "take home" experience though.  I think about learning new joining configurations in wood working.  Oh my.  A lot of wasted wood and some hair loss.   But once all the techniques are down, some damn nice results.  

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