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22g Ni200... good for?...


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Alright so back in my early days of coils building I bought a spool of 22g Ni200 - and it's done not much since due to its ridiculously low resistance. Now I'm bored and thinking what to do with it... other than stupidly long 4.0mm ID coils.


Have read before people actually getting some sort of temp control when wrapping it with Kanthal. Have some 24g sitting here that I might play with- anyone had luck with TC with a mix? Obv the temps will be a bit out but be better than doing nothing.


Also is there anyway to work out a mixed materials TCR? I've had a bit of luck with TCR on my eleafs before (TC average at best on them in NI,TI,SS modes) with twisted mixes.


Any other ideas welcomed too. Will post outcome. Cheers guys [emoji23][emoji106]

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@gadget does some TC with a Hohm mod and Kanthal.  Maybe the "@" will summons him, lol.  Beyond that I have no idea.  I'm lazy in that regard.  I use stainless because it has the highest resistance per length of any normally used TC wire.  I do love using TC though.  Any new breakthroughs would be wonderful to hear about!  I looked a little trying to find more TCR values than typically used by vapers but the only charts I found did not include Kanthal.  A lot of other conductors but not Kanthal. 

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