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Hey All,


I got into rebuilding in March and love it. I have the following wire:


*48 feet of 20 gauge kanthal

*96 feet of 22 gauge kanthal (10 spools 10 feet of wire in each spool)

*5 feet of 24 gauge kanthal

*23 feet of 24/36 gauge clapton SS316L

*(Arriving Friday): 100 feet of 26 gauge kanthal


The amount of wire I have in 22 gauge (and soon 26 gauge) is excessive. Even the amount of 20 gauge wire I have is somewhat excessive. But, there are a lot of types of wire that I don't have that I would like to.


I imagine I'm not the only one with this type of situation. Buying 100feet is typically barely more expensive than buying 50, 25, or 10 feet. But getting wire VARIETY can be expensive.


I'd like to get some more stainless steel wire, some nichrome, and some higher gauge stuff.


Would any of you be interested in trading some of your wire for some of mine, leaving both of us with greater variety in our respective wire collections?



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Instant message me and let me know specifically what wire gauges you're interested in. I typically get my wire in 100' spools for 20-28g and 1000' spools for 30g and smaller. If I have it I'm willing to part with some.

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