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Mutation x v4?


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The MutationX v4 is going to be similar to the v2.  The v4 is a 4 post deck with that is about the same size as the v2 and has a similar juice well.   It's a workhorse, but I prefer my new MutationX v5, which also has a velocity style deck similar to the Tsunami @Waltposted.  

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@Adversarious1  Just looked the V5 up.  Looks real nice.  Love the post mounting design.  I've got one RBA drop in for a Horizon Tech that is simply flaky.  It has a pressed center pin that also holds down the positive post.  The resistance is all over the board and the post is not solid.  Not impressed with that design at all.  I'm changing my purchasing to only RDA's and RTA's that are made for rebuilding only with full build decks. 

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