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New to mods- help me find clearomizer/tank to use with my VAMO V5 variable voltage battery.

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I am new to modding / advanced e-cig set-ups.

My history with ecigs: For a while I have used the V2 EX set up (Kanger Tech T4 808D clearmizer tank with manual 808-d battery) then upgraded to a Kanger E-Smart System (similar to V2 EX but thicker battery and larger tank, 510 thread). I got tired of the short battery life, short life of tanks (start to taste like its burning (I assume this means the coils need to be replaced, but have never done so), and overall underwhelming performance - not being able to get big vape hits.

Taking the next step I purchased a VAMO V5 (eGo thread, variable voltage) battery. Not sure what tank to get I picked up an eGo thread tank from a local gas station a “eCingatures.com RB-1 Atomizer” tank w/ a resistance of 2.2. I filled with liquid and put it on my VAMO battery tried to vape and the taste was HORRIBLE - strong burning taste. So I turned the voltage all the way down to 3.0 (it goes from 3v-6v) and still the taste is terrible. Is this because I am not using a tank/atomizer with the correct resistance? What is a good tank to use with this battery? I am interested in one with adjustable airflow, and the ability to replace the coils instead of needing to buy a new tank.

On a side note, I had another eGo thread battery (manual 5 clicks turn on off w/LED screen that shows battery level and hit counter). I put the RB-1 tank on it and it works ok, similar to my Kanger E-Smart.

Below is a a pic with all my ecigs to get you familiar with the equipment I am working with.

Thanks for your help.


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Good choices for a tank would be a Kanger pro tank 2 or 3, Aspire Nautilus, or a Kanger Aerotank. all of them available with adjustable airflow.

The KPT 2 or 3 does not come with a adjustable airflow but a different base can be purchased that does have adjustable airflow.

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Rich gave some good ones, especially with the Aspire Nautilus and Kanger Aerotank.  A couple of other goods ones from Aspire would be the Triton (V2 is the better version) and the Triton Mini (mini Nautilus with a sub-tank look), and from Kanger, I would recommend the Subtank Mini.

The Aspire tanks I've listed above can be operated with 1.6 and 1.8 Ohm coils, and the Kanger Aerotank can use coils from 0.8 to 2.2 Ohm... the Subtank mini can use a VERY wide variety of coil resistances for greater "growing room" in the future.

Any tank you get to put on it should be started out at a low Voltage/Wattage, vape, step up a bit, vape, repeat... until you get a slightly burnt taste... then turn the Voltage/Wattage down a step or two... that is the sweet spot for that coil and juice combo.  There is no "magic number" for operating a tank/coil at X-volts... every person has to play with that a bit, even when you change coils because no two coils are 100% exactly alike.

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The biggest limiting factor is from what I read about the Vamo V5 is it won't fire below 1.5 ohms, you have to make sure you keep the resistance above that. And don't listen to the clerk at a local B&M from what I hear most of them don't know much about the hardware they sell. 

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I have had 2 VAMO 5 1.2ohm is the cut off for ohms. The only problem I had with both my VAMOS is the small button on the left side. They have both lost the clickieness of the button and will not hold the setting just a slight touch will now change the settings.

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