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Tiger Wire from Fadora!


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I got a Billow last week. It is my first RTA. It is still too early to review it. I have only ran about a half a tank through it.

My first setup was a Twisted 28 ga, dual coil, sub ohm build. It was great, but I really don't like the juice I was running in it. I normally run it in a dripper and I like it sparingly, as a treat, not as a constant vape.

Today I recieved a package from Comp at Fadora Vapor. It has some Tiger Wire and some premade Tiger Wire coils in it that he built for me. The coils came packaged in tiny plastic tubes with a silicone cap to keep them safe. Nifty! We had been talking about running (2) 3ohm coils for a finished 1.5 ohm setup. Comp does not have this RTA but the coils fit perfectly. When I checked the ohms 1.47.... Nailed it! The flavor is so much stronger than the Nautilus. At the same wattage it is a much cooler feeling vape, but has much more flavor. I just ramped it up to 15 watts WOW! I have not pushed it any harder. It is kinda poping and crackling a bit, but I have only wicked this thing twice, and have no idea what I am doing. I am now playing with the airflow to see if I can get it right!

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Glad you like them. :) *Pats self on the back... I love it when a plan come together. :D These are the same coils I put in the KPT Tiger coils I do.

Same Gauge

Same Twist

I just opened the airholes up and it is getting even better. I moved it off the ipv3 and onto the iStick. I am running it at 15 iStick watts. I may have to reduce my nicotine!

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