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VTC4 or VTC5 18650


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I went ahead and purchased a back of two vtc5's off of Amazon. The reviews were all positive except for one and that one only rated low bc one of the batteries was DOA and wouldn't charge but he said the seller rectified the situation. Only spent 28 USD, so we'll see. My cartel just got here today, so I'll just have to make due with one vtc5 until they arrive.

Thanks for the reply man.:-)

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I find the fascination with Sony batteries interesting. They have the worst safety record of any name brand manufacturer out there. Not once but twice in the past they have been involved in major recalls of the 3rd rate 18650s they make, over 10 million cells and counting (due to overheating and fires). They have an insignificant ~8% share in worldwide sales, major players in the industry have moved away from Sony in droves. I did say past, but it seems Sony is still keeping the tradition going to this day.


I also laugh at the on going, so called '30A' rating that is attributed to them.

Here's the latest revision of the VTC5 datasheet.


There is absolutely no mention of 30A anything, nor is there a plainly stated Max Discharge Rating, and the previous 30A discharge trace from an earlier datasheet has been has been removed.

Also of note Sony has not gotten a UL1692 certification, but the say they will. :)

That cert is of paramount importance to vapers. These are the main tests thay must be passed.


9. Safety
9.1 Overcharge Test
Test method: To charge the standard charged cell with 12V and 2150mA at 25 degrees C for 2.5 hours.
Criteria: No fire, and no explosion.
9.2 External Short-circuit Test
Test method: To short-circuit the standard charged cell by connecting positive and negative terminal by less than 100mO wire for 3 hours.
Criteria: No fire, and no explosion.
9.3 Reverse Charge Test
Test method: To charge reversely the standard charged cell with charge current 2150mA for 2.5 hours.
Criteria: No fire, and no explosion.
9.4 Heating Test
Test method: To heat the standard charged cell at heating rate of 5 defrees C per minute up to 130C and keep the cell in oven for 60 minutes.
Criteria: No fire, and no explosion.
9.5 Nail Penetrating Test
Test method: Cell shall be fully charged. Penetrate completely center of cell with 2.5mm diameter nail at the velocity of 150 mm/sec.
Criteria: No fire, and no explosion.

BTW that's the results of the UL cert from a Samsung 10A battery.

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Man, I was looking at the price of 5`s on that big auction site the other day (looking at another dripper, the Veritas), and I decided they could keep their 500 more Mah.

I mean they are easily double the price of the 4`s.

20 bucks each for the 5`s? WTH???

Read something about Sony discontinuing them, maybe that is causing the insane price increase. Also saw allot of feedback on fakes being sold, from multiple sellers.

So for right now its the 4`s for me. Less then 10 each and what the hell is 500 Mah`s worth anyways.


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