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Clean the contacts!


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Ever felt like maybe your battery isn't making the best connection or maybe the contact points in your mech aren't doing the trick?

I did too, so this is what I did to improve them...

Take your Mechs apart and use a dremel with a wire wheel or sanding stone and gently hit the contacts on your mech. (becareful not to grind them down though otherwise you can risk not being.able to.make contact at all)

Also check the negative post on your battery, i noticed mine were getting nasty and discolored. (black from metal to metal contact) I hit the bottom of each battery with a softer wire wheel to remove the black crap that was starting to build up and interfere with a good connection with the switch.

The theory of this makes sense in my head, not sure if it actually did anything, but I don't have to fight with my maraxus to get it to fire anymore.

Give it a shot see for yourself!

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True, but some of them contacts need to be roughed a little to get rid of any coating or plating. I like brass contacts. But yeah I have used pencil eraser on the battery to get rid of the contact black mark.

I had to find the right type of white eraser but once I did the results seem to me as good as an abrasive like sandpaper or buffing compounds.

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