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So, I needed something to hold my eGo's at my desk...


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Well, yeah, it's not exactly "large", but then again I only have 14 tanks, an MVP, and 4 eGo batteries... and this one IS larger than the one that only holds 3 tanks, which I'm still using by my monitor :)

Thanks for the compliment! Maybe as I expand my equipment to more MODs and tanks, I'll think about building something more along a cabinet-style with drawers, charging station, etc.... or perhaps something that looks like a large humidor with my tanks on display behind decorative glass? Hmmm... I do have some aged Walnut and Mahogany in storage.... gives me ideas :D

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Haha, yeah, it's not like I was using it for anything else anymore, so it seemed a logical place for spent-coils...

My oldest son won it for me at a school-carnival dime-toss game when he was 2 or 3, so I've had that same ashtray for over 22 years? It's the only one I ever used in the house, and tossing it out just didn't seem right... like losing a best-friend....

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