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  1. No problem with vaping, i quit smoking with vaping, and i can feel my body gets better. I can do a longer jogging without that much of energy. I bet I will never quit vaping cos there're too many nice mods and flavours. I shop on fasttech and it can take me a whole day..... I'm becoming a mod collector
  2. Wow that's funny, he made me think of some fire extinguisher!
  3. nice mod. Ruyan 4 and strawberry. I used to hate the tobacco but now i started to love it!
  4. May be not as smoking, but just a habit?
  5. Congrats! Such a success, don't turn back:)
  6. i think it depends on how much content of nicotine u hv in ur liquids? First time hear of this though
  7. Thank you for this professional article, I love how Uwell telling the truth, and I actually had just purchased one from fasttech and I'll just keep using it... Thank you:)
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