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  1. Looks good to me thus far, too. If it's overburdened with gimmicks then no, if it's balanced with authentic info, then yeah.
  2. i feel you, that is what i exactly i felt after i finished the first two episodes of it.
  3. It's the very first show of the season and already Elliot is being a loser, not wanting to get out of bed. I feel very sorry for his crew. No Junior this season. I wonder what happened to him.
  4. Hello and welcome aboard ex-marlboro lights user here too
  5. hello there! welcome to the forum! i am also new here
  6. hello, new here too. It's so nice to see a couple of newbie like me who chose to vape in exchange for smoking cig
  7. Hello and welcome, a new face here as well. Ex-smoker for almost all of my life
  8. Hi! i'm new to the site and to vape world as well. Hope i can learn so much about vape from you guys )
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