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  1. Well mine is a kayfun 3.1 es by svoe.mesto and it does have airflow. Its weird cause mine does say made in russia on the box.. But anyway what i was saying is the kayfun "light" has no airflow amd the 3.1 es has the airflow control. I got off lucky cause my friend owns a wholesalevape business amd i got mine for 30 bucks!
  2. I recently puchased a kayfun and its amazing. I would never go back to protanks or anything else.. I did LOVE my aero tank but as soon as i got my kayfun i can tell the difference. NEVER get burnt hits, EVER! Its just amazing. Amd much cheaper for coils rather than buying coil units for kangers. Thats my 2 cents
  3. Wait u said dont select air mail? I ordered 2 batteries from them and im in the U.S. UH OHH?! It said airmail is the only way they could ship batteries to me? Hmm
  4. 21 dollars for one battery is expensive! Thats not even with shipping, even tho it seems to be a legit battery, that seems too much
  5. Broke down and got a genesis and a 2000mah battery. Lovin it!
  6. Right, a buddy of mine does wholesale locally out of his house, i get amazing deals! But i should of went with the 1300 most definatley.. Im gonna look into bigger batteries next time i go up.
  7. I think i might look into a mod style battery. A 2600mah maybe. I do chain vape, and not planning on slowing it down. I feel a 2600 would do wonders for me
  8. Its a steady green right now.. And its been on for only 30 mins!? And it was completley dead. Blinked 15 times.. So even tho my charger is saying its ready im gonna let it on for a few more hours.. Well see it it helps, i know ive left it on for hours quite a few times n it only lasts me about 6 hours of vaping. I vape a low nic and vape ALOT but, still i bought it thinking it would last a whole day or two. And it has never got me close to 24 hours... :/
  9. So ive been using my vision for about a month... And it barely keeps a charge and barely lasts a whole day.. Its the 900 mah or whatever. Not the fat one the skinner longer one.. But anyways, yeah, it never has held a charge long like it suppose to.. Andwhen i charge it, it is red (dead) and then turns green maybe 45 min into it. Does this mean its fully charged? Or is the chrger just messed up? I have multiple chargers so thats not it.. Its my battery. I just believe i made a bad choice buying a vision
  10. ^ ok thanks! Rixter you are a life saver. And a "money saver" so glad i found this thread. Thanks bro!
  11. Nice. Ok so i recently switched to dual coil. Got an aero tank! Soooo amazing.BUT. Can u tell me if i can order that same 3.5 silica and kanthol? Or what should i do? Please anyone throw out your opinions
  12. Ok so your saying to pull out 1 or 2 strands of the cotton/ whatever the material is from the coil unit? Just realized how old this thread is... Sorry
  13. I have a blue spinner. Pretty sure its 1100mah. I love it tho. It is very skinny and long compared to the 1300 tho
  14. So if i live in the states and click veg glycerin europe, would that still ship to me in the us? I wasnt sure cause the ones that say america arent vg are they?
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