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  1. Squape R(eloaded) Clone

    I've ran three of four Squapes on the ohms meter; none show continuity.
  2. Just started........

    Rewarding experience! Making one flavor mixes are my normal. Been going at it for four years. I did go buy a bottle once; was substandard to DIY> One small jug in four years.
  3. DYI Question

    May I suggest, "Nude Nicotine". Free samples of base nicotine, postage not included. https://www.nudenicotine.com/nicotine-sample-request/
  4. Questions before I start

    Another option involving e-liquid; read forums concerning DIY mixing. There is a great cost savings in DIY over pre-mixed, with some out of pocket start-up expenses.
  5. E-liquid Business Question

    Maybe at UT, ... just funning my friend!
  6. Help me mix this

    A calculator isn't useful till you have the formula. 30 ml. / ( 100 mg. / 6 mg. ) = 1.8 ml. , Amount of Nicotine required.
  7. My 15-year-old cousin started vaping....

    Many of us had started using nicotine at an early age. We know first hand the damage from a tobacco addiction. The man before me stated best advice, "better have a heart to heart."
  8. Is getting e-liquid on your skin harmful?

    Don't fret. If a 10mg. drop landed on your tongue, you wouldn't die, probably wouldn't make you sick either. Hasn't killed me or the past nasty stuff.

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