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  1. Does it matter if you're using the direct drip, cartomizer, atomizer or a clearomizer? I just got my CE4 clearomizer and it seems to make the e-liquid harsher than I'm used to. Could be that I'm doing something wrong. *coughs*
  2. Thanks for the post and the name of the glass bottle store, Chris! I've been wanting to transfer my e-liquid into glass bottles for some time now. Just ordered a bunch. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! So far I think I'm in the "spend roughly the same amount as analogs and have a plethora of awesome devices and toys to play with" camp. *looks over at growing stash of ecig stuff* I think I'll need an intervention soon. Lol.
  4. Somehow I'm not having any trouble discovering the new stuff to buy, OMG. Just ordered half a dozen new e-liquids tonight and then stumbled onto a new clearomizer and... and... *sighs* Still, it's not as expensive as when I was still on the analogs. So far. XD
  5. Thanks! And so I've been finding out. At first I thought there were too many different brands until I started looking at each manufacturer to find too many different models, lol. Now, it's off to try to wade through the different e-liquids and various stores and... :P
  6. Why, thank you, Ron. *raises glass*
  7. What I like with my eGo T2 passthrough and eGo C passthrough is the eGo 2.4 ml changeable coil clearomizer. It holds a lot of liquid, the inside coil can be changed, there are different ohms to choose from and I can vape on this all day. Once the e-liquid gets dark and... icky (usually near the end of my chain vaping episodes), I just take the top off, unscrew the atomizer, rinse everything with warm water and let dry overnight. Once the atomizer doesn't work like I want, I just replace that part only. I think most places sell packs of five atomizers for around $3.99?
  8. Thank you, kitsune! I like your "name" by the way. From every post and thread I've read here so far this seems like a wonderful place full of happy, friendly people. I think I'm going to like it here.
  9. And I'll just bet Pink has you rushing to do her bidding, too! Maltese are a wonderful breed. We used to have a male puppy mill rescue, Mikey, but he had to be put to sleep last year. He made it 14 years though, which is a long run for the kind of start he got. Pink is lucky to have found you and your family. :smiles:
  10. Thanks, Mike. I just wish I would've found this forum when I first started. It would've saved me the steep learning curve I went through initially. Since you're experienced with ecigs, have you ever heard of an eGo T2 pass through upgrade battery? That's what I've been using but haven't seen them anywhere else other than the store where I bought them. I'm told they're original and come from the manufacturer, they have all the logos and everything... maybe this is a question I should put up in another thread?
  11. Thank you. That's Tenacity, or Teni for short. She's my 11 year old Maltese who works hard to live up to her name, lol. She's giving the camera her best "PLEASE give me that cookie!" look. XD Daily cleaning keeps her eyes pretty clean. I see you're familiar with the breed. Do you have a Maltese?
  12. Even though I'm still pretty new to ecigs, I've got and used all the Stardust clearomizers (both with the short and long wicks and different ohms), and I've found they all suck up the juice. The 2.4 ml eGo CC with coil changeable is my go-to clearomizer. It's easy to use, doesn't use a lot of juice unless I change to a 1.8 ohm atomizer, and the hits are wonderful. Periodically, I take it apart and wash it all under warm water, set it out to dry overnight and it's good to go again. I've used the CC on my eGo 650 passthrough as well as the eGo C batt. If you decide to try the CC, the old/original tip sometimes comes apart from the threads. A new replacement tip for .39 cents doesn't have the same problem.
  13. Then you've never seen me trying to text someone. I've happily spent several hours on the site tonight reading through threads and have learned *so* much! Thanks for the welcome and for creating this forum.
  14. Congratulations! Ecigs have changed my life too. It's so nice to be able to walk for more than five minutes on the treadmill without feeling like I'm going to pass out. lol. I'm glad you found something that works so well for you. Keep it up.
  15. Thanks for the welcome, jeffb. mcquinn, thank you! There may be hope for me at this forum, then. =D
  16. After reading through quite a few threads on this forum this seems to be a wonderful resource for e-cigarettes with friendly, informative people. I've been off analogs since May and feel so much better. There are so many different options in batteries, e-juice, cartomizers/clearomizers, etc. but it's been fun learning! I hope I don't do anything wrong here. New to forums and such...
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