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DIY help please

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Ok, before I start, I will tell you that math was NEVER my strong point! Thank God for calculators!!

I have always purchased the already-diluted-to-my-liking bottles of nicotine to make my juices (ie. 60mg/ml in 250ml PG  bottles etc.) I am contemplating purchasing a 120 ml - 100mg/ml bottle of nicotine and diluting it to 60mg to use in my DIY juice, rather than purchasing 60mg/ml nic same size bottle, it is more economical as when diluted to 60mg/ml there will be more available than the 120ml. Obviously I don't vape 60mg! My mixes are usually 3mg/ml and I make 9mg/ml for a friend.

straight as purchased in PG     120ml = 100mg/ml

add ???ml PG added                 ??   ml = 60mg/ml

Thanks for helping this ole granny out!!


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60% 100mg/ml + 40% pg = 60%mg/ml. to make 100 mg of 60%mg/ml use 60ml of 100mg/ml and add 40ml of pg result will be 60mg/ml nic.

If you want to mix it all at once use 120 ml of 100mg/ml and add 80 ml of PG.

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