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Greetings to all!


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Hi I'm glad to be in. I'm a former regulated mod user, a Rx2/3 by wismec to be more specific. But I stop vaping couple of months and now I think I should come back again in vaping because I'm being a chronic smoker. Now I'm using a mechanical mod that is made in my country PH. I just want to know more about safety using mechanical mod. That we all know that this kind of mod is unregulated. Hope that I will get more information on this forum.


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Hello vaping community! 

I have been vaping for 10 years now. Started with logic and now using my yihi SX Mini G class beast! Also use Bud vape disposable devices.  My favorite disposable sticks by far. Best flavor and they actually long lasting and do not lose flavor with the amount of puffs. 

On this forum because I love to gain and share my knowledge.  


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