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Similar to POP! Vapors?

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So recently the one and only brand of E-Juice I would vape (POP! Vapors) has gone out of business. I vape 70% VG 30% PG, and I have tried other bands with the same VG/PG mix, but I have not found any that have the same smoothness as POP. Any help with a new brand I can try?

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The flavor of your eliquid would also make a difference in how smooth it vaped. I don't care for much throat hit either but I vape 60 PG/40 VG chocolate malt by EC Blends and it is still very "smooth." Lower heat on your coils will also lessen the harsh factor.

Fruits, some candies, anything with a high citrus or acidic flavor could be seen as "harsh" while creams, baked goods, and anything on the sweeter, creamier side would be smooth. Hope that helped?

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