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Am I correct in saying lower the coil ohm the higher wattage I can use for volts ?


The past few weeks I have used a 0.45ohm coil and at 70w I hit 4.2 volts


Now I'm using a 0.36 ohm coil giving me 80w at 3.8 volts


So I'm asking if I go for 0.8 ohm coil and below can I longer my battery life but would it still give me a sweet taste. As my preference is 100w but my batterys is not lasting 3 hours on 0.45ohm and 0.36 ohm


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In general the higher the resistance the lower the power needed, kinda, sorta.....

The mass of the coil, the heat flux of the coil, and the design of the vapor chamber of the atty also play a big part in this.  Two exotic coils @ .5Ω will require a lot more power than a simple wire single coil @ the same resistance.  As far a flavor, the design of the atty is the most important factor.  I have atties that will produce wonder flavor at 20W and 1Ω and others that require more exotic coils to reach their flavor potential.  I have a Siren II atty that I build @1Ω and use with single 18650 mods and get great battery life.  It is a single coil atty and I use simple wire and get great flavor.  The draw is restricted although direct to lung and the vapor production is limited although satisfying to me.  

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